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1. Literally, what ‘lies before’ something. What is experienced (the object), as opposed to what experiences it (the subject). Anything which has independent existence (qualities, etc., have dependent existence); or, and perhaps more commonly in philosophy, what a change is instigated to produce, or a mental attitude is ‘directed at’ (p.281, 'object', in The Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy, Fourth Edition)
2. generic term for whatever is the bearer of a proper name, or whatever can be referred to or designated, approximately identical with “thing.” (p.482, 'object', in The Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy 2004)
3. [BFO2.0] A material entity that is (1) spatially extended in three dimensions; (2) causally unified; and (3) maximally self-connected. Examples include a single cell, a laptop, an organism, a planet, a spaceship. ([ Arp et al., 2015 ])