Edu:Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive. Engineering - DOLCE

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  1. The Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering (DOLCE)was the first module of a foundational ontologies library developed in the WonderWeb project. It has a cognitive bias, as it captures the ontological categories underlying natural language and human commonsense.
  • DOLCE is an ontology of particulars, i.e., entities which have no instances. DOLCE is based on a fundamental distinction between enduring (endurants) and perduring entities (perdurants). Endurants are characterised by all their proper parts being present at any time they are present. Perdurants are only partially present at any time they are present, in the sense that some of their proper temporal parts (e.g., their previous or future phases) may be not present.
  • Its current version is DOLCE2.1-Lite-Plus (a simplified translations of Dolce2.0 that do not consider: modality, temporal indexing, relation composition.) (Source: [1])