SWAO:Conference Call 20140908

Number 11
Duration 1.5 hour90 minute
5,400 second
0.0625 day
Date/Time Sep 08 2014 14:00 GMT
7:00 PDT/10:00 EDT
3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET
Convener Leo Obrst

Please note This meeting has been moved to 8 September 2014 because of the Labor Day public holiday in the US.

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.


  • Housekeeping
    • Updates on website, wiki, email list
  • Continue our discussion on creating an introductory online/training tutorial
    • Update on actions from last time
      • Feedback to Education Committee of our discussions from last meeting
      • "Gentle introduction to ontologies" - did we get this yet?
    • Liaison with Education Committee - Update
    • Tutorial / training requirements
      • Target audiences - what do different groups need to see?
      • Target media - what do we want to be able to put out?
        • White paper for business people
        • Book - longer term ambition?
    • Existing resources we would want to collate and promote
      • See list of existing and upcoming publications we identified last time
        • Should we aim to maintain a library - or is that in hand via Education Committee?
        • In particular with reference to our mission to bridge the gaps between communities
  • Discussion on an issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology related to reuse and lessons learned
  • Ontology Summit
    • Extending and discussing the work of 2014 Ontology Summit
    • Ideas for 2015 Ontology Summit?
  • Membership, recruitment etc.
    • Things we can do now the infrastructure is sorted out
    • Brainstorm and share information about people and projects relevant to this SIG and reach out them to make them aware of our existence and maybe invite them for a talk or an informal chat
    • Establish knowledge base and list of knowledgeable individuals, and understand current work, projects and interests
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting

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Infrastructure issues

  • Mike Bennett reported on updates to the website, wiki and email list.
    • There was a concern about the speed of transfer from the SWAO web link to this meeting, and the wiki page for this meeting. Leo Obrst in particular found that some links take a long while. This is will be investigated by Ken Baclawski as part of the infrastructure development (Action Item).
    • There was a discussion about problems with the link from https://iaoa.org to our SWAO web does not seem to be active. See the chat transcript for details.
      • Leo Obrst suggested that we Check with Oliver for fixing link of IAOA SIG page to SWAO home page (Action Item).

Agenda item: Education

  • Interaction with the Education Committee
    • The short term objectives were agreed to be:
      • to gather syllabi from others
      • to link with the Ontology Summit to obtain material for a body of knowledge or text book
        • There was some concern about whether the format of the Summit would work for this purpose, but there is a precedent for this: "Creating the Ontologist of the Future" (Ontology Summit 2010)
    • Leo Obrst will post mail to the Education Committee to start the discussion (Action Item).
      • One suggestion was that we should consider a joint meeting with them or invite them to come to our next meeting.

Substantive ideas on Education

  • Gentle Introduction to Ontologies
    • Mark Fox raised the idea at the Ontology Summit symposium and plans to pursue developing it.
    • It was agreed that we should try to have some of this available online.
  • Another suggestion was a special issue of Applied Ontology.
    • Leo Obrst will investigate the mechanics of a special issue from the editors (Action Item).
      • Generally speaking, it is similar to a workshop.
    • It was agreed that the special issue will focus on the theme of the Ontology Summit 2014.
      • This already has a list of potential contributors.

Ontology Summit

  • There was some discussion about the upcoming Ontology Summit but no conclusions were reached.
  • Action Item: Next Ontolog Forum Board of Trustees meeting needs to be organized by the next Chair.

Membership, recruitment etc.

  • It was agreed that we should post to the IAOA List periodically that the SWAO SIG is in existence and point to our web age, describe meeting cycles/logistics, current activities, etc. (Action Item)
    • Examples of activities: education materials, advocacy for Ontology Summit theme, and special editing of Applied Ontology.
  • Another suggestion was to target specific people and ask if they would like to participate.
    • Especially representatives of other communities such as Linked Data.
  • We should produce an introductory email for this purpose (Action Item).
    • Mike Bennett will produce a draft.
    • Leo Obrst will suggest mailing lists.
    • All should suggest specific individuals.

Next Meeting

  • October 6, 2014

Chat Transcript

[07:10] Mike Bennett: Housekeeping

[07:13] Mike Bennett: MB hives a quick update

[07:13] Ken Baclawski: Mike Bennett reported on updates to the website, wiki and email list.

[07:15] Leo Obrst: SWAO:Home

[07:16] Mike Bennett: Speed of transfer from SWAO web link to this meeting, and the wiki page for this meeting. On some links (Leo) this take a long while. For MB's connection this was a little under a second.

[07:17] Ken Baclawski: I will investigate this.

[07:18] Mike Bennett: Check link from https://iaoa.org to our SWAO web

[07:19] Mike Bennett: There are 3 issues:

[07:19] Mike Bennett: No page about Semantic Web Applied Ontology

[07:19] Mike Bennett: Button at the top is misnamed (delete "meets")

[07:20] Mike Bennett: and that button currently seems to invoke a script on the SIGDesign.php (is that a design for a script SIG or a SIG for design??)

[07:21] Leo Obrst: Check with Oliver for fixing link of IAOA SIG page to SWAO home page.

[07:21] Mike Bennett: Action: Follow up with Oliver the webmaster

[07:25] Mike Bennett: === Agenda item: Education ===

[07:25] Mike Bennett: Actions check: Action on getting feedback to the Education Committee

[07:27] Mike Bennett: LO: this was discussed at the EC - short discussion. Short term objectives to gather syllabi from others, and also discussion on linking with the Ontology Summit, material for body of knowledge or text book, how format of Summit would work for that purpose. Compared with an earlier Summit "shaping the Ontologist of the Future" if the ontology Summit were to be about developing a book.

[07:27] Mike Bennett: Summary: Our ideas were fed to the EC and seem to have gone a long way.

[07:27] Mike Bennett: Education co-Chairs are Maria Keet and Zena Wood

[07:29] Mike Bennett: Education Committee has not met yet, may consider a joint meeting with them. Or invite SWAO SIG members to the EdC next meeting

[07:29] Mike Bennett: (or whatever we call it to disambiguate)

[07:31] Leo Obrst: Leo will post email to EdC, EC, and SWAO sig, to get the discussion moving.

[07:34] Mike Bennett: === Substantive ideas on Education ===

[07:35] Mike Bennett: Mark Fox raised the idea at the Ontology Summit symposium to create a Gentle Introduction to Ontologies, and was going to have a try at this (this is how this bullet item has been on our agenda)

[07:35] Mike Bennett: We want to try and have some of that available on line at IAOA somewhere, so people can find information at the horse's mouth as it were.

[07:36] Mike Bennett: Other substantive ideas: possibility Ontology Summit 2015 addressing some of these themes.

[07:36] Mike Bennett: Otherwise waiting on EduCtee before we do much more

[07:37] Mike Bennett: Issue of Applied Ontology: We may need to lead an effort to dig in to what would be required on Applied Ontology special issue.

[07:37] Mike Bennett: Leo can find out the mechanics of what we would need to do and what the time lines are, for there being a Special Issue.

[07:38] Mike Bennett: We would probably have to consider creating a topic, putting out a Request for Papers etc.

[07:38] Mike Bennett: if we want to do this we should consider convening a sub group e.g. now

[07:39] Mike Bennett: Leo will find out these requirements from the editors (Musen, Guarino) on structure, lead times, schedule etc.

[07:40] Mike Bennett: Structure is a bit like a workshop, we put out a CfP, then select and build an issue. We would also have a list of people we can specifically call on and ask for contributors.

[07:40] Mike Bennett: Assume focus is still on extending the activities of the 2014 Ontology Summit.

[07:41] Mike Bennett: Yes it is - all agree: Special Issue would be on the theme of the 2014 Ontology Summit and carry this forward. Contributors from that summit could be approached for papers

[07:43] Mike Bennett: Past Special Issue of Applied Ontology, the people who requested is typically act as editors for the content, and therefore are the ones that put out the call for papers, and then help organize the review process of those papers and then the larger Editorial Committee (as for ordinary issues), makes requests for people to review the paper.

[07:45] Mike Bennett: === Ontology Summit ===

[07:45] Mike Bennett: Potential theme not yet officially being talked about

[07:47] Mike Bennett: need to round up these conversation threads between OFV, SWAO,IAOA itself and EduCtee

[07:48] Mike Bennett: Correction OFV was meant to be just OF I,e, Ontolog Forum

[07:48] Mike Bennett: Whose move is it?

[07:49] Mike Bennett: when is next Ontolog Forum Board of Trustees meeting? Chair gets to call it.

[07:52] Mike Bennett: === Membership, recruitment etc. ===

[07:52] Mike Bennett: Are there things we can start doing now the infrastructure is sorted out

[07:53] Mike Bennett: Easy stuff: post to the IAOA List periodically that the SWAO SIG is in existence and point to our web age, describe meeting cycles etc.

[07:55] Mike Bennett: We are now in a position to send an email around to the IAOA Member list.

[07:55] Mike Bennett: This would include activities we are working on now.

[07:55] Mike Bennett: Also logistics (web, when we meet, how to join).

[07:56] Mike Bennett: Activities to describe: education materials, advocacy for Ontology Summit theme, and special editing of Applied Ontology.

[07:56] Mike Bennett: these 2 activities are now under way.

[07:57] Mike Bennett: We can send something out periodically updating the IAOA membership about what we are doing.

[07:57] Mike Bennett: Also we can target specific people and ask if they would like to participate.

[07:58] Mike Bennett: For example folks who have spoken at previous Summits etc. - this is also why we wanted to relax the membership requirement so they don't need to be IAOA Members.

[07:59] Mike Bennett: Also we want folks from other communities e.g. Linked Data to feel comfortable to join us.

[07:59] Mike Bennett: We could send our to-be-produced introductory email to those lists as well.

[07:59] Mike Bennett: So we need an introductory email to send out as well as emailing specific people.

[08:01] Mike Bennett: Actions: Emails

[08:02] Mike Bennett: 1. IAOA one - probably an update of the messages sent previous.

[08:02] Mike Bennett: 2. Tailor that / adapt it to external communities.

[08:02] Mike Bennett: Also propose some lists to send it to.

[08:03] Mike Bennett: Action: MB draft a suitable email. Points too the website, mail list joining info, then point at some of our activities, the frame it that we invite participation etc. etc.

[08:04] Mike Bennett: LO can take it and modify, post to external lists

[08:04] Mike Bennett: All to consider specific individuals we would like to request to join.

[08:05] Mike Bennett: We should exchange some names among ourselves via email before mailing them.

[08:06] Mike Bennett: We can also invite people we know personally one on one, to join.

[08:06] Mike Bennett: Next scheduled meeting is Oct 6

[08:07] Mike Bennett: This does not seem to clash with anything

[08:07] Mike Bennett: We will follow up on the open actions etc. at that meeting.

[08:09] Ken Baclawski: The Board of Trustees meeting pages are incomplete or inconsistent. These should be cleaned up because the pages are now being migrated from the old wiki to the new one.

[08:09] List of attendees: Ken Baclawski, Leo Obrst, Mike Bennett, Mike Dean

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