SWAO:Conference Call 20150803

Number 22
Duration 1 hour60 minute
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Date/Time August 03 2015 14:00 GMT
7:00 PST/10:00 EST
3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

The main agenda item this week is to sign off on our proposed Call for Papers and agree actions to publicize this.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
      • Final version posted to email list for review - comments due today!
      • Minor changes were made in response to Applied Ontology editor comments
      • One comment on timings for review, check we are comfortable with these
    • Next actions
      • Places to publicize the CfP
      • Contact participants in 2014 Ontology Summit

  • Housekeeping
    • Any changes / updates?
  • Other Things
    • Progress on 'Stack Overflow' type of resource
    • Use of the Blog
    • More general ideas for information resource on applied ontology and Semantic Web principles
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[Lightly edited chat transcript]

[16:01] List of attendees: Ken Baclawski, Leo Obrst, Mike Bennett, Todd Schneider

[14:58] Mike Bennett: Apologies:

[14:58] Mike Bennett: EliAbiLahoud, Andrea Westerinen

[14:58] Mike Bennett: Agenda:

1. Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology

Status Update

o Final version posted to email list for review - comments due today (Monday)!

o Minor changes were made in response to Applied Ontology editor comments

o One comment on timings for review, check we are comfortable with these

Next actions

o Places to publicize the CfP

o Contact participants in 2014 Ontology Summit

2. Housekeeping

Any changes / updates?

3. Other Ideas

Progress on 'Stack Overflow' type of resource

Use of the Blog

More general ideas for information resource on applied ontology and Semantic Web principles

4. AOB

5. Next Meeting

[15:11] Mike Bennett: Timings - we originally said 6 weeks, added 2 weeks to account for Christmas and New Year, so the current times (2 months) reflect the addition of the 2 weeks.

[15:11] Mike Bennett: Consensus: seems to be plenty of time with what we have. We could it with less.

[15:11] Mike Bennett: Feb 15 notification as per the draft.

[15:12] Mike Bennett: Ken: it's typical to postpone the deadline for submission. If we do that, e.g. submission deadline at the end of the year.

[15:12] Mike Bennett: That would bring us back to 6 weeks.

[15:12] Mike Bennett: So we are covered either way.

[15:12] Mike Bennett: It's a wrap!

[15:13] Mike Bennett: Publicizing the CfP

[15:14] Mike Bennett: There is an established distribution list for the Ontology Summit, which would be appropriate to use.

[15:14] Mike Bennett: Some of these are monitored so we would have to explicitly join;

[15:14] Mike Bennett: some are moderated as well.

[15:14] Mike Bennett: Leo will forward this list of lists.

[15:15] Mike Bennett: Leo has already joined some of them (the ones that need you to join) so Leo can publicize to the closed lists.

[15:15] Mike Bennett: Leo will identify which ones these are;

[15:15] anonymous morphed into Todd Schneider

[15:16] Mike Bennett: Individuals:

[15:16] Mike Bennett: We should have a list somewhere of Ontology Summit 2014 participants. Can notify them.

[15:17] Mike Bennett: Can then follow up directly with people who presented stuff, as a one on one after sending the CfP out.

[15:17] Mike Bennett: For those whose emails we don't have, we could request these via the Track co-champions.

[15:17] Mike Bennett: Could the Track co-champions contact the speakers from their tracks.

[15:18] Mike Bennett: First we need to ask those co-champions if they are able to do that.

[15:18] Mike Bennett: Then we pick up any that are not able to be done by the co-champions.

[15:18] Mike Bennett: Ken will take care of his track.

[15:19] Mike Bennett: Mike will take care of his track. May liaise with co-champion.

[15:21] Mike Bennett: The AO paper has a list of the co-champions

[15:21] Mike Bennett: so does the Summit page

[15:22] Leo Obrst:

Leo Obrst a,, Michael Gruninger b, Ken Baclawski c, Mike Bennett d, Dan Brickleye, Gary Berg-Cross f, Pascal Hitzler g, Krzysztof Janowicz h, Christine Kapp i, Oliver Kutzj, Christoph Lange k, Anatoly Levenchuk l, Francesca Quattri m, Alan Rector n, Todd Schneider o, Simon Spero p, Anne Thessen q, Marcela Vegetti r, Amanda Vizedom s, Andrea Westerinen t, Matthew West u and Peter Yim

a The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA, USA

b University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

c Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

d Hypercube Ltd., London, UK

e Google, London, UK

f Knowledge Strategies, Washington, DC, USA

g Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA

h University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

i JustIntegration, Inc., Kissimmee, FL, USA

j Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany

k University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany; Fraunhofer IAIS, Sankt Augustin, Germany

l TechInvestLab.ru, Moscow, Russia

m The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

n University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

o PDS, Inc., Arvada, CO, USA

p University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

q Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USA

r INGAR (CONICET/UTN), Santa Fe, Argentina

s Criticollab, LLC, Durham, NC, USA

t Nine Points Solutions, LLC, Potomac, MD, USA

u Information Junction, Fareham, UK

v CIM Engineering, Inc., San Mateo, CA, USA

[15:23] Todd Schneider:

Summit General Co-chairs ... Professor Michael Grüninger & Dr. Leo Obrst

Symposium Co-chairs ... Dr. Ram D. Sriram & Professor Tim Finin

Track A - Common Reusable Semantic Content - Co-Champions: Mike Bennett, Andrea Westerinen, Gary Berg Cross

Track B - Making use of Ontologies: Tools, Services, and Techniques - Co-Champions: Christoph Lange, Alan Rector

Track C - Overcoming Ontology Engineering Bottlenecks - Co-Champions: Krzysztof Janowicz, Pascal Hitzler, Matthew West,

Track D - Tackling the Variety Problem in Big Data - Co-champions: Ken Baclawski, Anne Thessen

Track E - Hackathon (and related activities) - Co-champions: Dan Brickley, Anatoly Levenchuk , (Ken Baclawski -adv)

Track F - Communique and Publications -Lead-Editors: Michael Gruninger & Leo Obrst - Co-champions: Todd Schneider, Francesca Quattri

Track G - Community Resources (Library, Data Collection, Ontology Repository, etc.)- Co-champions: (Amanda Vizedom), Oliver Kutz

Outreach (includes Sponsor Relations & Website Development) - Co-champions: Amanda Vizedom (outreach and sponsor relations), Marcela Vegetti (website), Simon Spero (psmw-site),(Matthew West - adv)

Program management (includes operations, logistics, production)- Co-champions: Peter Yim, Christi Kapp

[15:25] Mike Bennett: Do we need to draft a generic email to the track co-champions? Or the personal touch? OR just send out one to them?

[15:25] Mike Bennett: Follow-ups can be one on one by the named individuals.

[15:26] Mike Bennett: This is after emailing the participants in the summit as a whole with just the CfP.

[15:27] Mike Bennett: Use the same email that we have as the Call for Papers and add a more personal note at the beginning, asking that they provide emails for the participants in their track.

[15:27] Mike Bennett: Then we can contact the participants ourselves so we are on top of it.

[15:28] Mike Bennett: Action: MB will draft this.

[15:28] Mike Bennett: Social media?

[15:28] Mike Bennett: Google +

[15:28] Mike Bennett: Twitter?

[15:28] Mike Bennett: Does IAOA maintain social media accounts? e.g. a twitter account?

[15:29] Mike Bennett: Who is responsible for the IAOA Twitter account?

[15:29] Mike Bennett: There is also a site specifically for Calls for Papers

[15:29] Mike Bennett: wikicfp

[15:29] Mike Bennett: Action: post the CfP to that.

[15:30] Leo Obrst: My list of distribution lists (combined):

[with at signs occluded for robot-proofing]

'semantic-web [(a���)] w3.org'

'ifla-l [(a���)] infoserv.inist.fr'

'diglib [(a���)] infoserv.inist.fr'

'public-semnews [(a���)] w3.org'

'SEMANTICWEB [(a���)] yahoogroups.com'

'public-egov-ig [(a���)] w3.org'

'public-esw-thes [(a���)] w3.org'

'public-lod [(a���)] w3.org'

'dl [(a���)] dl.kr.org'

'IRList [(a���)] lists.shef.ac.uk'

'dbworld [(a���)] cs.wisc.edu'

PlanetKR [(a���)] kr.org

obo-discuss [(a���)] lists.sourceforge.net

public-semweb-lifesci [(a���)] w3.org

AI-SGES [(a���)] JISCMAIL.AC.UK KMgov kmgov [(a���)] list.jpl.nasa.gov

iaoa-general [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

[ontolog-invitation] ontolog-invitation [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

Ontology Summit 2014 ontology-summit [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

'[ontolog-forum] ' ontolog-forum [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

protege-user [(a���)] lists.stanford.edu

iaoa-member [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

iaoa-general [(a���)] ontolog.cim3.net

[15:31] Mike Bennett: Ken will do the wikicfp posting

[15:33] Mike Bennett: Linked data, semantic web etc. - are there other lists?

[15:33] Mike Bennett: Also we should think about the IoT community - is it worth reaching out to them as well?

[15:33] Mike Bennett: There may be more linked data and big data lists not reflected here.

[15:34] Mike Bennett: WE can each look for other lists to add to the list above, which will be persisted in the proceedings from this meeting.

[15:35] Mike Bennett: Yes, we should also approach the newer IoT lists given they are also addressing semantic representation.

[15:36] Mike Bennett: What about approaching other organizations we are involved with e.g. EDM Council (MB to try this).

[15:36] Mike Bennett: Also Ontolog BoT

[15:37] Mike Bennett: NSF? Could Frank or someone there be a channel for onward distribution?

[15:37] Mike Bennett: Also NIST

[15:37] Mike Bennett: NIST lead of the Big Data group there.

[15:38] Mike Bennett: Leo will dig up the new person at NIST who could be our gatekeeper there. focused both on Big Data and semantic technologies.

[15:38] Mike Bennett: European research council?

[15:38] Mike Bennett: MB to follow up via European contat, for anyone who might be a gatekeeper there.

[15:38] Mike Bennett: SmartData - Tony Shaw.

[15:39] Mike Bennett: MB can liaise with him.

[15:40] Mike Bennett: Distribute notices at SmartData itself as well.

[15:43] Mike Bennett: If it gets really big there may be the potential for a book (per earlier conversations about this SIG).

[15:43] Mike Bennett: Need to avoid conflicts of interest in reviewing stuff.

[15:44] Mike Bennett: Add tot he note that goes to the OS track co-champions, that we will be looking to them as reviewers also (if they are willing).

[15:44] Mike Bennett: Easychair

[15:45] Mike Bennett: How do we set up the EasyChair link?

[15:45] Mike Bennett: AO uses the IOSPRess structure. Should we be using that, and how would we set it up / where and when is there a link?

[15:47] Mike Bennett: The papers for the 10th anniversary are coming in through the AO infrastructure. These are marked in terms of which issue they are for.

[15:48] Mike Bennett: "Please submit via [the link] and mark them 'SWAO Special Edition'"

[15:48] Mike Bennett: ^^ text to add to the CfP, we think.

[15:48] Mike Bennett: See email to the 10th anniversary Special Issue.

[15:49] Mike Bennett: We will have to replicate that.

[15:49] Mike Bennett: (22 April email from Nicola).

[15:49] Todd Schneider: From Nicola's 22 April 2015 e-mail: Submission instructions [for 10th anniversary edition]

Authors are requested to submit their articles electronically following the instructions published at www.applied-ontology.org, clearly specifying in the accompanying letter that their paper is to be considered for the anniversary issue, as well as the category to which it belongs (a, b, c, or d). The maximum length for papers in categories a-b-c is 35 pages (double-spaced), while the maximum length for position papers is 10 pages (double-spaced).

[15:49] Mike Bennett: So, there must be a way to segregate this from other submissions.

[15:50] Mike Bennett: The segregation is identified in the text of the email above.

[15:50] Mike Bennett: However, that edition is using the same structure as AO in general, whereas we are not them.

[15:51] Mike Bennett: This would not come to the Guest Editors for SWAO special issue.

[15:51] Mike Bennett: Also guest reviewers - would we use the same AO structure?

[15:51] Mike Bennett: This is a question for Nicola and Mark.

[15:52] Mike Bennett: Action: Mail them and ask. Also cc Isabella.

[15:52] Todd Schneider: Following the URL from Nicola's e-mail leads to a page with the following URL: Call for Papers for 10th anniversary Special Issue: http://www.iossubmissions.com/applied-ontology/10thAnniversary

[15:52] Mike Bennett: ^^ this also implies that we would have needed a separate page with its own URL if we were doing that.

[15:53] Mike Bennett: We need a URL but it probably won't be on the AO structure. Ours would be in the IAOA/SWAO structure.

[15:53] Mike Bennett: First, when we query Mark and Nicola whether we should seek to have a page on AO like that, or if we use our own SWAO structure to hold the info.

[15:54] Mike Bennett: Either way we should have the CfP on the SWAO site

[15:54] Mike Bennett: Action - ask Naicong Li to implement that.

[15:56] Mike Bennett: Anything else we haven't thought of?

[15:56] Mike Bennett: Timeline...

[15:56] Mike Bennett: If we are using our own special reviewers, we need to have everything set up in advance.

[15:56] Mike Bennett: Next step: we can't send out the CpF until we have the URL.

[15:58] Mike Bennett: If there would be delays in AO infrastructure (if they require that,) then would it be an issue if we were to set up EasyChair?

[15:58] Mike Bennett: THat will be built into the questions we ask them: how long would that take to establish if it is needed?

[15:59] Mike Bennett: Also as if there is any problem with us using EasyChair as an alternative.

[15:59] Mike Bennett: Potential Submitters would be asked to the AO format requirements.

[15:59] Mike Bennett: (that's covered in the foot of the CfP)

[15:59] Mike Bennett: Would be good to have something that goes on to the Applied Ontology page either way.

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