SWAO:Conference Call 20160104

Number 27
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time January 04 2016 16:30 GMT
8:30 PST/11:30 EST
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

The main agenda item this week is next steps on the Special Edition. Several papers have been submitted per the original Dec 15 deadline, with 2 more awaiting our confirmation of the revised date.

Reviewers are needed for the submitted papers - per our original plans, everyone in this group is a potential reviewer. But not all are active.

Meanwhile we did not update the SWAO page version of the Call for Papers, and CfP with revised dates have not gone out. We also still need to contact people from the 2014 Summit about contributing.

Also consider whether to revise the date again - given that people have already submitted this seems a bad idea; at the same time, it was suggested in December that we needed to avoid collisions with th submission dates for FOIS.

Infrastructure update: the new Wiki is up and running, you are looking at it. Thanks to Ken and Tejas.

We will also assess activity on the SWAO blog.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
    • Reviewers needed for submitted papers
    • What to do about submission dates
    • Getting submissions from Ontology Summit 2014 participants
  • Housekeeping
    • The new wiki at http://ontologforum.org/ is done
    • Update any links to this from anywhere we have control of (SWAO page on IAOA? Blog?)
  • Other Things
    • Update on the SWAO Blog
    • Access issues for blog?
    • More general ideas for information resource on applied ontology and Semantic Web principles
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[11:32] MikeBennett: Agenda

[see above]

[11:36] MikeBennett: On (2) Housekeeping

[11:36] MikeBennett: cim3 is nnow turned off. There is not a site somewhere that redirects cim3 URIs to the new wiki.

[11:37] MikeBennett: Also a lot of email addresses that were in the original wiki, are not in the current wiki database (namespace pages?)

[11:37] MikeBennett: Todd would like to mine the archive from the Ontolog Forum mail lists at some point.

[11:38] MikeBennett: Ken has these too, in an Amazon S3 server.

[11:41] AndreaWesterinen: Hello ... Sorry to be a bit late. Previous meeting ran over.

[11:42] MikeBennett: Ken has been talking to people from the 2014 Ontology Summit about submitting papers, with a Feb 15.

[11:44] AndreaWesterinen: I am happy to review 2 papers.

[11:47] KenBaclawski: Subject: Invitation to submit to the Journal of Applied Ontology

We cordially invite you to submit an article to the "Applied Ontology

Special Issue on the Role of Ontologies in Linked Data, Big Data and

Semantic Web Applications" of the Journal of Applied Ontology.

This special issue is a followup to the successful Ontology Summit 2014:

Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology. As you were a speaker at

this summit, your contribution would be especially relevant. Submissions

can include position papers, practical examples, methodological treatments

or research-oriented papers. We especially welcome papers that show how

more rigorous and principled ontologies based on ontological analysis may

be of help for the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Big Data communities.

The full CfP is available at https://iaoa.orgsig/swao/sigevents.html.

The deadline shown there is outdated. The actual deadline for submissions

is 15 February 2016.

Best regards,

Ken Baclawski

Semantic Web Applied Ontology

[11:47] MikeBennett: Andrea and Mike B track - they will coordinate on finding those people.

[11:49] MikeBennett: Review of whether Feb 15 deadline would be an issue for people subitting to FOiS. Decided it would not.

[11:49] MikeBennett: so we are commmitted to the Feb 15 deadline -no more changes

[11:50] MikeBennett: https://iaoa.orgsig/swao/sigevents.html

[11:50] MikeBennett: The issue with seeming 404s is that the link in Ken's text above includes a period in the uri.

[11:54] AndreaWesterinen: Can we update the CfP page with the correct date?

[11:56] MikeBennett: Reviewers: should we call on all the people in the SWAO circulation, or specifically the people who regularly attend these calls?

[11:57] MikeBennett: Conventionn is to have 3 reviewers of each paper.

[11:57] MikeBennett: Ken will also review all of the papers, as editor.

[11:58] MikeBennett: I that within the Reviewer system (Ken will go over them in detail)

[11:58] MikeBennett: Ken and Mike will also do a joint editorial. Ken will write the first draft, once we've seen the papers.

[12:01] MikeBennett: MikeB will try and get hol of NAicong, so we can have the SWAO page for the CfP updated with the new dates.

[12:02] MikeBennett: We need to let the existing submitters know that the dates have changed, particularly the Notificaiton to Authors date, which was Feb 15, now April 15/

[12:03] MikeBennett: We should contact the people who have submitted, let them know the revised dates, and also give them an opportunity to resubmit if they want to make any hanges.

[12:03] MikeBennett: MikeB to do that.

[12:06] MikeBennett: Also mail the 2 who asked for extensions on the original Dec 15 deadline, and confirm the firm final deadline.

[12:06] MikeBennett: Also identify what we do about the dates that the AO publicatin's reviewing system has in it.

[12:09] MikeBennett: We could for each paper select one of the regulars on these calls, and one other from the SWAO circulation. The 3rd reviewer is Ken's formal review each paper (except Ken's paper which Mike B will provide the 3rd review).

[12:09] MikeBennett: What's a good number of papers to expect? to accept?

[12:09] ToddSchneider: What are the access details for the IOS review site?

[12:12] MikeBennett: We moved it from Jan 15 to Feb 15 perhaps to avoid the FOIS dats, since FOiS deadline was Jan31 with notificaiton March 31, via EasyChair

[12:13] MikeBennett: http://www.iossubmissions.com/applied-ontology/user/login?destination=node/283

[12:13] AndreaWesterinen: The FOIS CfP is at https://iaoa.orgfois2016/index.php?n=Main.CallForPapers

[12:15] MikeBennett: We need clarity n what it takes to set up an account on the AO submissions site.

[12:17] MikeBennett: it would make sense to start the review process now we can iron out these things.

[12:18] MikeBennett: We would assume that doing so would not prevent those people submitting revisions.

[12:18] MikeBennett: It sems reasonable to assume this. I not we can get them to email Mike r Ken with any updates.

[12:19] MikeBennett: either way: fr the people who alradt submitted we shouldl add something to the email, asking them to highlight changes as diffs.

[12:19] MikeBennett: Then we can deal with revised submissions regardless of the technicalities of the system.

[12:24] MikeBennett: Yws - inthe SWAO page for the Call for Ppers, we refernece the Ontology Summit at http://ontologforum.org/index.php/OntologySummit2014_Communique

[12:24] MikeBennett: To be changed at the same time as we change the date on this.

[12:25] MikeBennett: Also put in the Submit Manuscript link directly rather than indirectly as now.

[12:26] MikeBennett: http://www.iossubmissions.com/applied-ontology/content/submission-manuscripts

[12:26] MikeBennett: So there are 3 changes to the Cfp web page.

[12:28] MikeBennett: No other instances found on the SWAO web structure?

[12:28] ToddSchneider: Regarding my action (from the last meeting) to add to the IAOA SWAO blog, I ran into a problem, I couldn't 'logon'. Could this be due to a lack of a Google account (which I don't think I have, nor wish to have)?

[12:28] MikeBennett: Blog:

[12:28] MikeBennett: Andrea has posted another blog page entry / response.

[12:28] MikeBennett: These also come up on the SIG page.

[12:29] MikeBennett: Login access for the blog?

[12:29] MikeBennett: Should work directly with a Google ID.

[12:30] MikeBennett: Then admins have to authorize anyone who wanted to write new stuff but it should require no login to write comments.

[12:31] MikeBennett: Dos it require a google account? Or can any account be permissioned via Google?

[12:33] MikeBennett: There is a notice that if you want to post please email mike or Andrea. So try that first.

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