SWAO:Conference Call 20161205

Number 38
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time December 05 2016 16:30 GMT
8:30 PST/11:30 EST
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

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The main agenda item is next steps on the AO Special Edition.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
    • Revised Papers status and progress
    • New papers: Hackathon etc. actions
    • Editorial for Special Edition
  • Housekeeping
    • updates
  • Other Things
    • SWAO Blog
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[11:34] MikeBennett: Progress:

[11:34] MikeBennett: Editorial draft done

[11:34] MikeBennett: MB review done

[11:34] MikeBennett: MB relay of Todd et al paper sent in (yesterday)

[11:35] MikeBennett: One other outstanding review received - one awaited

[11:35] MikeBennett: Editorial: There is a nice graphic that will work for this, that could have been in the Summit communique but was not

[11:40] MikeBennett: More ideas to be captured in the editorial. BM to add this

[11:44] MikeBennett: Hackathons - would it be easier to just do a quick report on all the hackathons, rather than have each short report submitted via the system?

[11:45] MikeBennett: Reports expected are not only what happened at the Hackathon but rather what has happened since the hackathon.

[11:50] MikeBennett: In some groups the work at the hackathon continued. Others e.g. Bennett were more in the nature of a proof of concept and were not taken forward subsequently.

[11:55] MikeBennett: The hackathon on travel risk and such, was not taken forward as a project but we can frame the follow-up in terms of how we took the thinking forward since then. Gary and Mike B to work on this.

[11:56] MikeBennett: Hackathon papers are 5 pages optimally, covering what the hackathon produced, what happened since then to elaborate and make use of these ideas See Ken's report.

[11:57] MikeBennett: For example the leap to the 2016 Summit from Ken's hackathon paper, i.e. the semantic interoperability ecosystem. Try and take the same approach ie. how we are actually using the ideas, in the other hackathon article that is to come.

[11:59] MikeBennett: MB to send the list of articles, or the working document of papers status if available, to Ken.

[12:00] MikeBennett: And the articles.

[12:00] MikeBennett: MB can use the system to get a current list and also send a ZIP of the articles we have accepted.

[12:02] MikeBennett: Papers status:

[12:02] MikeBennett: Ken's paper: Loebe review is now in but Berg-Cross review still awaited

[12:03] MikeBennett: Andrea's paper: MB review now in, so all reviews are in. Paper to be resubmitted with alterations, so we need to send this conclusion via the system and await re-submission.

[12:05] MikeBennett: Andrea's resubmitted paper already in the system, as of today.

[12:06] MikeBennett: So Gary's review is the only thing holding up reviews of papers that we have now.

[12:07] MikeBennett: Andrea's resubmission will be re-reviewed by the original reviewers. MB to update the system to make those people the reviewers.

[12:21] MikeBennett: We will meet on 2nd Jan since Ken has teaching on Mondays subsequently. We will use the meeting to determine a time slot for this meeting starting in Feb.


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