SWAO:Conference Call 20170410

Number 42
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time April 10 2017 17:30 GMT
10:30 PST/1:30pm EST
6:30pm BST/7:30pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times. Note that Daylight Savings differences are back to normal and only the GMT/UTC time differs.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
    • Revised Papers status and progress
    • New papers?
  • Housekeeping, blog etc.
    • updates
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[18:48] MikeBennett: AGENDA

[18:49] MikeBennett: 1. Paper actions -see doc

[18:49] MikeBennett: 2. Infrastructure:

[18:48] AndreaWesterinen: Link to our SIG page ... SWAO:Home

[18:49] MikeBennett: see link above. The SWAO SIG page linked to from the IAOA site is still out of date.

[18:49] MikeBennett: Need to link to the above.

[18:50] MikeBennett: ACTION: Ken to please arrange for the SWAO site to be updated if that's now possible.

[18:52] AndreaWesterinen: The link to the "SWAO SIG website" is incorrect on the page, https://iaoa.orgiaoaSIG/iaoasig/SIGswao.php

[18:53] MikeBennett: Also this one is the out of date one:

[18:53] MikeBennett: https://iaoa.orgsig/swao/

[18:54] MikeBennett: This should be a re-direct to Ken's one.

[18:54] AndreaWesterinen: Noted above

[18:56] MikeBennett: Meanwhile the text on the "official" page contains details of early calls - these should be removed to their own pages.

[18:56] MikeBennett: AOB?

[19:00] MikeBennett: The old old blog for SWAO is still linked from the old SIG home page.

[19:03] MikeBennett: We do not want the contents of the blog page replicated on the IAOAs holding page for SWAO anyway. Should just be a landing page that sends you to the wiki.

[19:03] MikeBennett: Who maintains that IAOA page?

[19:03] MikeBennett: Should have just the mission statement and then the links to the actual things we are maintaining.

[19:10] MikeBennett: Actions on old blog pages

[19:11] MikeBennett: Move these over to the new blog feature on ontologyforum.org

[19:11] MikeBennett: SWAO:Home

[19:12] MikeBennett: How do we even make a Blog page happen on the home page?

[19:18] MikeBennett: The page to reference from our OntologForum main SWAO SIG page will now be:


[19:27] MikeBennett: Conclusion:

[19:28] MikeBennett: After several dangerous experiments and an Undo, we find that we are unable to add blog articles to our blog page.

[19:30] MikeBennett: We have questions for Ken...

[19:35] MikeBennett: It is on this page (below) that there is a mystery - when you think you are creating a new Blog (actual named blog not article) it over-writes the original Ontolog Home page instead. Once it doesn't do that, the rest looks straight forward. We need to know how not to do that, from the below page:

[19:35] MikeBennett: http://ontologforum.org/index.php?title=Blog:Test&action=wikilog


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