SWAO:Conference Call 20171106

Number 48
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Date/Time November 6 2017 18:30 GMT
10:30 PST/1:30pm EST
6:30pm GMT/7:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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MikeBennett: Housekeeping:

MikeBennett: IAOA website no-show

MikeBennett: How people can join IAOA:

MikeBennett: CH still has issues with someone setting up the account - need a visit in person from a representative.

MikeBennett: So the process was repeated in another way.

MikeBennett: A thing is in train on this. hope to hear tomorrow that we have an account.

MikeBennett: At that point we can notify interested parties that they can join.

MikeBennett: Is there a backlog?

MikeBennett: Yes but we have no means of tracking it. Have to inform people informally.

MikeBennett: The Italian account is not available in English.

MikeBennett: That is the old account. The new one will be in Switzerland as per the HQ of the IAOA itself.

MikeBennett: The website is being paid for and hosted in Brazil.

MikeBennett: Hi Andrea, can't see you on the call?

AndreaWesterinen1: I am having trouble connecting to the meeting. My internet is a bit hosed today. I am on the call though.

MikeBennett: SWAO website:

MikeBennett: The old one will be gone by default

MikeBennett: The current one is the wiki that Ken hosts, that we have been using for some time.

MikeBennett: Other possible infrastructure:

MikeBennett: We could set up a Twitter account

MikeBennett: We could set up a Facebook account

MikeBennett: We could set up a LinkedIn group.

MikeBennett: What would go on these?

MikeBennett: Twitter: can tweet that we have done the Special Issue.

MikeBennett: We can put more detailed things on the FB page.

MikeBennett: The Twitter and FB feeds can be duplicated on the Wordpress website.

MikeBennett: We have a Wordpress website also.

MikeBennett: This means the IAOA Workpress site, not the blog we set up for SWAO.

MikeBennett: That Wordpress site does nto exist yet but will.

MikeBennett: Ken can set up FB and Twitter feed for this.

MikeBennett: ACtions:

MikeBennett: 1. Set up Twitter account

MikeBennett: 2. Set up LinkedIn Group

MikeBennett: Individuals can cross-post to FB on their own initiative.

MikeBennett: We have links on the wiki pages to share these to all of the major social networking groups

MikeBennett: There are other groups on LinkedIn that we can relate to.

MikeBennett: Given i=our mssion is cross-fertilization of sematnics related communities, we can do a lot of that on LinkedIn.

MikeBennett: Action (1) above: who? Ken will set this up.

MikeBennett: Todd: Jion existing groups first, see if there is enough interest to justify a separate group.

MikeBennett: AW agrees. Maybe we will find a niche this is appropriate to.

MikeBennett: People post to the groups that might be of interest.

MikeBennett: Post what?

MikeBennett: Who are we and how do we discharge our mission?

MikeBennett: The mission: Interface with the Semantic Web commnunity

MikeBennett: Be a bridge between LD, SW and AO.

KenBaclawski: The SWAO charter is at SWAO:Charter

MikeBennett: Given this grou is open to SW and LD membes as well as IAOA (not limited to IAOA members).

MikeBennett: So how do we get folks from those communities to join this SIG?

MikeBennett: SIG is event focused.

MikeBennett: So, what events would we like to organize or promote. Or participate in

MikeBennett: Promote / Participate: the event already exists;

MikeBennett: Organize: we are the ones that make the event happen.

MikeBennett: Example: arrange a workshop at an existing event.

MikeBennett: e.g. FOIS?

MikeBennett: Not the community we want to target.

MikeBennett: What about Semantic Web conferences.

MikeBennett: ISWC was last week.

MikeBennett: What is there in 2018 at which we can propose conferences.

MikeBennett: Kinds of conference in Semantic Web: Commercial and Academic.

MikeBennett: Industry: e.g. SemTech / BigData (Dataversity)

MikeBennett: Not easy to get an academic paper accepted at those. Can run some ideas past them (MB knows the organizers for Dataversity events).

MikeBennett: ISWC is a good cross-over conference. We should aim to have something for that.

MikeBennett: Action: come up with a list of possible conferences, for review on next month's call.

MikeBennett: Other possibles: "Special Session" (as distinct from Workshop).

MikeBennett: Other academic conferences: e.g. OntoCom (today!)

MikeBennett: Special Session is not as desirable as a workshop - we have less control of the papers.

MikeBennett: Like a Track.

MikeBennett: Has to be within the context of the conference. See e..g FIBO Days at EDW. O:r can be as small as 3 - 4 papers within a track.

MikeBennett: Lightning talks

MikeBennett: MB to mention SWAO on next week's lightning talk at Connected Data London.

MikeBennett: Workshop is preferable when we can do that.

MikeBennett: All these things are within our charter.

MikeBennett: We did previously propose a workshop - we can use that material to try again.

MikeBennett: Action: Find that material.

MikeBennett: We might have put that somewhere on the wiki, or at least in the meeting notes from these calls.

MikeBennett: If this is not on the wiki already we'll pop a copy fo it there for the record.

MikeBennett: Also: write a paper, eg for an IEEE publication, or Information TEchology or similar Talk about the value of the integration of these disciplines (expanding on our communique).

MikeBennett: Other possible topics:

MikeBennett: Focus is on the bridging aspect. Highlighting the value.

MikeBennett: Are there narrower topics we can write on within our remit, e.g. industry applications, specific patterns or problems.

MikeBennett: We can find more of that as part of running such workshops.

MikeBennett: If there is something we can find that is relatively easy to write, let's go for it.

MikeBennett: KB at a workshop: learned that they did not know all that much about the topic of their workshop. This was their way of learning about the thing.

MikeBennett: In our case we know the subjects on either side but we also have many new lessons to learn i.e. how people would actually bridge those gaps. A workshop would help us find other things people have done or thought about.

MikeBennett: We need to pull together a calendar of events across Semantic Web, IAOA / Applied Ontology / Linked Data and so on.

MikeBennett: We will maintain this alongside the Semntnic She dcommunity who have started doing this already.

MikeBennett: Put this on the wiki page.

MikeBennett: What the calendar needs to include:

MikeBennett: Link to the event website; CfP due date/ CfW due date, notification dates, registration date.

MikeBennett: MB has a spreadsheet with columns for most of this metadata.

MikeBennett: javascript:void(0)

MikeBennett: ACtion: MB to review the Semantic Shed calendar and make public in order to share with this group.

MikeBennett: Then put a link to it on the SWAO wiki pages somewhere

MikeBennett: Next Month: review 2018 events.

MikeBennett: What are all the bodies we are trying to liaise with?

MikeBennett: Do we need a set of public facing meetings where the SWAO presents stuff? Or not?

MikeBennett: Depends on our work. e.g. papers. special interest - do presentations to get conversations going, present ideas.

MikeBennett: Also have debates.

MikeBennett: e.g. do you need reasoning? do you need an upper ontology. And so on.

MikeBennett: Ar there forums where such debates can be spun up?

MikeBennett: Ontolog forum; LinkedIn groups. OFDG. Others?

MikeBennett: Actions: Find out what LinkedIn groups we should join.

MikeBennett: Also MeetUp

MikeBennett: Can also ty and raise more membership on that.

MikeBennett: do we want a location on our page or blog where we can post interesting LinkedIn groups (rather than as an action to bring back to next month's call, we get on with it now.

MikeBennett: likewise the Conference List.

MikeBennett: Can later turn that into a calendar. We can use that to filter.

MikeBennett: So we need a wiki page for events (with link to actual occurrence of the event as distinct from the thing).

MikeBennett: And a wiki page for forums we can participate in (LinkedIn; mail based groups etc.

MikeBennett: And a list of regular call based events e.g. OFDG.

MikeBennett: Citations - is that something else we can keep track of.

MikeBennett: When they calculate the imapct of a whole journal, they take the number of citations over the past 5 years. divided by numbe of paper to give a citations per paper metric.

MikeBennett: AO has 1.5 citations per paper.

MikeBennett: "Impact Factors" for journals are basically h-indexes for journals - as above.

MikeBennett: Next Meeting: 4 December

MikeBennett: OK for MB, AW, KB.

MikeBennett: at 1:30 EST.


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