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This page captures publications and weblinks in two separate lists. Both are sorted alphabetically by citation keys.


[Arp & Smith, 2008] (preprint)

   Arp, Robert, & Smith, Barry (2008). Function, Role, and Disposition in Basic Formal Ontology.

[Arp et al., 2015] (book)

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[Nicola Guarino & Christopher Welty, 2003(?)] An Overview of OntoClean. Preprint.

[Halpin and Morgan, 2008] (book)

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   https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/temporal-parts/ (latest ed.)

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[Kühne, 2004] (article)

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[Masolo et al., 2004] (conference paper)

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[Masolo et al., 2003] (project deliverable)

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Web References

[BFO 2.0 OWL] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BFO-ontology/BFO/v2.0/bfo.owl

[CIDOC CRM] http://www.cidoc-crm.org/