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1. [...] used for what is actually in the process of happening (p.107, under 'disposition', in The Routledge Dictionary of Philosophy, fourth edition)
2. Something that occurs as distinguished from something that continues to exist (
3. [BFO2.0] An occurrent is an entity that unfolds itself in time or it is the instantaneous boundary of such an entity (for example a beginning or an ending) or it is a temporal or spatiotemporal region which such an entity occupies_temporal_region or occupies_spatiotemporal_region. ([ Smith et al., 2015 ])
4. [BFO2.0] An entity that unfolds itself in time. ([ Arp et al., 2015 ])


  • The BFO 2.0 category of Occurrents comprises not only (1) the processes that unfold themselves in their successive temporal phases, but also (2) the boundaries or thresholds at the beginnings or ends of such temporal phases, as well as (3) the temporal and spatiotemporal regions in which these processes occur. It is contrasted with (and disjoint with) BFO's Continuants. [ Arp et al., 2015 ]
  • The BFO2.0 Occurrents class is defined in the BFO Owl file as 'An entity that has temporal parts and that happens, unfolds or develops through time.' It includes processes, process boundaries (e.g., the beginning and end of a process), spatiotemporal regions, and temporal regions.

Synonymous with Perdurant