SWAO:Conference Call 20160404

Number 30
Duration 1 hour60 minute
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Date/Time April 04 2016 16:30 GMT
8:30 PST/11:30 EST
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

The main agenda items are progress the Special Edition (reviews) and whether to extend the “Notification to Authors” date from April 15; and housekeeping / web etc. matters.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
    • Status on Reviews for submitted papers
    • Editorial for Special Edition
    • Changing the Notification to Authors date (we have had a couple of requests for extension by reviewers)
  • Housekeeping
    • The new wiki at http://ontologforum.org/ is all in order
    • Status of the IAOA website: it looks like this is active again; also includes material from the blog now
    • SWAO Web Page maintenance and updates
  • Other Things
    • Moving or changing the SWAO Blog
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[16:43] MikeBennett: Reviewer dates:

[16:43] MikeBennett: Extend review requirement to 30 April

[16:43] MikeBennett: Extend Notification to Authors to 15 May

[16:55] MikeBennett: Reviewers to ensure that submissions are compatible with this special issue.

[16:56] MikeBennett: Reviewers are able to see their requests for reviw and can accept them even though the editor no longer sees these.

[17:04] MikeBennett: Editorial - this is to be sent along for Nicola's / editorial board's attention, via the same submission system.

[17:04] MikeBennett: How many is a minimum to include?

[17:05] MikeBennett: We really want to aim for 5 if we can. Can we commission / request more papers?

[17:06] MikeBennett: Look through the Ontology Summit 2015 material and try some of those directly.

[17:07] MikeBennett: Next step would be to contact some of those Summit people starting with the chairs of each track.

[17:08] MikeBennett: Either for those chairs to provide integrated stuff, and also to approach their contributors. The integrated stuff will have been written as part of their contribution to the Communique

[17:08] MikeBennett: There is also the Hackathon

[17:09] MikeBennett: Can we get Anatoly to write something

[17:12] MikeBennett: Bennett et al could write up the trajectory / journey one (2014)

[17:12] MikeBennett: if relevant to this

[17:14] MikeBennett: Beyond SensorNet - Thorsten - Gary can approach

[17:14] MikeBennett: 2014 - the right hackathon for the right editorial thing.

[17:14] gary berg-cross: The hackathon had participants from (reading from right to left): Australia, Russia, Italy, France, England and the US (East and West coast).

The following participated actively in the hackathon:









[17:15] gary berg-cross: And me of course.

[17:16] gary berg-cross: Hackathon Outcome

At the completion of the hackathon, the following things are left as an exercise for the reader:

1. Integrating the concepts into a single ontology; in the end all the concepts and patterns were agreed and incorporated in the individual ontologies and so this exercise would be a relatively simple matter of creating equivalent class assertions. If we were to do this as a commercial product we would re-define the modular structure of the complete set of ontologies to reflect the separate concerns.

2. Additional risk factors in the Trip ontology (rental car types, aircraft body types etc.) which would then form the basis for looking for statistical data sets about these risks.

3. Rolling up types of travel event for which there are statistics (such as bridge strikes, traffic jams) into broader events which are elements of the trajectory itself so as to describe events in terms of missed connections, failure to complete a leg of the journey etc.


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  • MikeBennett
  • ToddSchneider
  • gary berg-cross

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