SWAO:Conference Call 20160606

Number 32
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time June 06 2016 15:30 GMT
8:30 PDT/11:30 EDT
4:30pm BST/5:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

The main agenda item is next steps on the AO Special Edition.


  • Issue of the Journal of Applied Ontology
    • Status update
    • Notification Responses sent for submitted papers - updates awaited
    • New papers: Hackathon etc. actions
    • Editorial for Special Edition
  • Other Things
    • Moving or changing the SWAO Blog
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


[11:37] MikeBennett: Free conference call facility available

[11:37] MikeBennett: SCreen sharing

[11:37] MikeBennett: MGB GoToMeeting possible option

[11:37] MikeBennett: GTM has option for screen sharing.

[11:37] MikeBennett: Concerns would be continuity.

[11:39] MikeBennett: Recording of screen sharing (big file) versus recording just the sound

[11:39] MikeBennett: Research the options

[11:39] MikeBennett: Either for this SWAO group, or as recommendation for the wider Ontolog Forum community as a whole.

[11:39] MikeBennett: Maybe do a case study.

[11:40] MikeBennett: Todd will make a start on this.

[11:40] MikeBennett: Where is the list?

[11:41] MikeBennett: (other possible entrants for this list discussed e.g. Bluejeans)

[11:47] MikeBennett: Papers

[11:47] MikeBennett: Szasz et al

[11:47] MikeBennett: Did not indicate good conceptual analysis

[11:47] MikeBennett: Lack of analysis also made it not reusable

[11:54] MikeBennett: MB will quietyl to Szasz and say great paper but too technical for this journal

[11:54] MikeBennett: Can put in something gentle about not enough focus on conceptual ontologies or something.

[11:55] MikeBennett: Say some positive things, and some things they should look at. Note that the original idea is a good idea so we can say that.

[11:56] MikeBennett: Also that they wanted to expand on previous work is a good thing (een if they didn't)

[11:57] MikeBennett: Ontologies in Computer Science - wanting to start writing code right away.

[11:57] MikeBennett: (casualty of "Agile" (as distinct from Agile)

[11:58] MikeBennett: Tragic

[11:59] MikeBennett: This is our Editorial!

[11:59] MikeBennett: Engineering discipline, as applied to semantics ("knowledge engineering")

[12:02] MikeBennett: Also we can link this to Knowledge Management

[12:03] MikeBennett: Hackathon stuff - no change

[12:04] MikeBennett: Till was going to have something imminently

[12:05] MikeBennett: Andrea paper - to be sent to the system. Looks OK.

[12:05] MikeBennett: On the Hackathon - will try again

[12:06] MikeBennett: MB also has a hackathon thing to do.

[12:07] MikeBennett: IAOA Terminology Sub-committee may be revived.

[12:07] MikeBennett: Comuniation - in the context of the Communique. Make it easier for people to find notions inthe first place. Also relates to reuse

[12:08] MikeBennett: See Bodycoat in the UK who have a glossary for their domain of metal treatment.

[12:08] MikeBennett: With well-deifned definitions. Great resource.

[12:08] MikeBennett: Have something on the IAOA Website on this.

[12:14] ToddSchneider: Here's the URL for Bodycote glossary: http://www.bodycote.com/en/site-services/technical-glossary.aspx?keyword=glossary

[12:14] MikeBennett: Is it worth having a little link to e.g. bodycote above as an illustration to terminology issues

[12:15] MikeBennett: - this is part of the overall question? Or too general for the Special Editition. There are lots of other principles like classification and taxnomies and so on, as well as (this) communication question.

[12:15] MikeBennett: All relates to semantic interoperability also (2016 Summit)

[12:15] MikeBennett: The ability to communicate.

[12:16] MikeBennett: Ways to communicate what is in an ontology?

[12:17] MikeBennett: Use of ontologies - what the busienss can or can't do with this once you have it. Versus having a taxonomy written definition alone? Relations between classesis essential to understanding meaning

[12:19] MikeBennett: Verbs. Nouns. What to present to business. Adjectives?

[12:19] MikeBennett: Frege on predicates?

[12:19] MikeBennett: Introduction to Special Edition

[12:19] MikeBennett: Introduce the papers and we can make points like the ones above in the course of that.

[12:19] MikeBennett: e.g. "The lack of sufficient conceptual analysis"

[12:19] MikeBennett: "That conceptual analysis has to go beyond nouns"

[12:19] MikeBennett: Links in linked data - need analysis on those!

[12:20] MikeBennett: "The role of terminology and words"

[12:20] MikeBennett: "Presenting ontological content to SMEs"

[12:21] MikeBennett: See work that Becky and Andrea did on the tooling near the end of the retail paper, which also covered the nouns versus properties considerations.

[12:22] MikeBennett: GraphML / Yed toolchain.

[12:25] AndreaWesterinen: Do you want me to write a short paper on presenting content?

[12:25] ToddSchneider: Yes!

[12:27] MikeBennett: Great!

[12:30] MikeBennett: then we need to have papers in which there are things we want to be able to point to, so that what is in the introduction can introduce something.

[12:30] MikeBennett: So we need one on terminology.

[12:30] ToddSchneider: Mike, don't forget the bit about use of standards (i.e., analysis that's gone into them).

[12:30] MikeBennett: Good point - thanks!

[12:34] MikeBennett: Action: we will look at what we have, identify what we have that we can point to, and what we need to commission.


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