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Domain Ontology

1. An ontology that describes the vocabulary related to a generic domain (like medicine, or automobiles). ([ Guarino, 1998 ])
2. A domain ontology is an ontology that describes and categorizes some domain. ([ Arp et al., 2015 ])
3. An ontology that provides vocabulary about concepts within a domain and their relationships, about the activities taking place in that domain, and about the theories and elementary principles governing that domain. The concepts in domain ontologies are usually specializations of concepts already defined in top-level ontology, and the same might occur with the relations. ([ Gómez-Pérez et al., 2004 ])


  • A more extensive explanation of 'Domain Ontology' can be found on page 32, Arp et al., 2015: An ontology that consists of a taxonomy together with other relations, along with definitions and axioms governing how its terms and relations are to be understood. It is thus a taxonomy that has been enhanced to include more information about the universals, classes, and relations that it represents. Provides a controlled, structured representation of the entities within the relevant domain, one that can be used, for example, to annotate data pertaining to entities in that domain in order to make the data more easily accessible and shareable by human beings and processable by computers. It can also be called material ontology.