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Date/Time February 5 2018 18:30 GMT
10:30 PST/1:30pm EST
6:30pm GMT/7:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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[13:43] MikeBennett: 1. Housekeeping

[13:44] MikeBennett: 1a. The seeming redundancy of the IAOA site.

[13:48] MikeBennett: Todd: IAOA Education Committee has a list of terms

[13:49] MikeBennett: please can we look at those and see if they are useful, missing, waste of time etc.

[13:49] MikeBennett: AW: These are very BFO focused

[13:50] MikeBennett: TS: A lot of these are taken from BFO but many of those notions are independent of BFO.

[13:50] MikeBennett: AW also very philosophy oriented rather than practical.

[13:51] MikeBennett: TS: This is because some of those notions are useful in IT generally.

[13:52] MikeBennett: AW: relevant to this group - working with folks who are using Common Core ontology from US military. Having a hard time understanding BFO. How to use it. AW helping with ODPs. Practical.

[13:53] MikeBennett: TS: DoD no longer support Common Core.

[13:53] MikeBennett: DARPA pushback on ignoring BFO.

[13:56] MikeBennett: BFO book is a good introduction to applied ontology issues for folks on the IT side who are new to this

[13:56] AndreaWesterinen: There is still much interest in/use of Common Core in DARPA and similar groups. So, I am not sure on the "no longer support".

[13:56] MikeBennett: Michael Uschold is also writing a book based on their work at Semantic Arts. BT has reviewed this, also a good introduction to AO stuff.

[13:59] MikeBennett: Industry Ontology Foundry - Nicola and Stefano are participating in this.

[13:59] MikeBennett: IOF is a thing initiated by NIST (Evan Wallace) and others.

[14:00] MikeBennett: Has a governance board, a technical oversight board, and in future some domain boards.

[14:00] MikeBennett: Also BFO are founding members.

[14:00] MikeBennett: Developing common usage ontologies that other sub domains can extend upon.

[14:01] MikeBennett: Some want to use BFO as a basis (but Realist stance, other issues) are an issue. Michael Gruninger is involved and may lead up that group.

[14:02] MikeBennett: This is not the same thing as OBO but has a similar paradigm, but focused on industry and engineering.

[14:03] MikeBennett: There is also a thing on semantic tech for systems engineering (Smith, Jet Propulsion, others).

[14:03] MikeBennett: How to get involved?

[14:04] MikeBennett: Core Team (initial development) is closed. Once core ontologies scoped out, may add more people.

[14:04] MikeBennett: ST4SE

[14:06] MikeBennett: For IOF, in addition to formalization to various notions there have to be natural language descriptions of those notions, along with scope and intent.

[14:06] MikeBennett: IOF does not dictate a formalization.

[14:08] MikeBennett: See elg Loughborough (England) work to integrate CAD tools to manufacturing floor machinery, using Highfleet work. Now OWL. CL and variants thereof are considered optimum for IOF and any material there has to be able to represented in those various formalisms and not be locked into one.

[14:09] MikeBennett: How does one join IOF?

[14:09] MikeBennett: Anyone can attend. NIST is the lead. All meetings open and recorded.

[14:09] MikeBennett: So where is it?

[14:09] MikeBennett: Todd will forward the meeting notice to the group or paste something below.

[14:10] MikeBennett: Meets Fridays at 10 - 11am EST

[14:12] ToddSchneider:

Title: IOF TOB Call

Location: Conference call detail attached.

When: Fri 2 Feb 2018 10:00 AM 11:00 AM

Organizer: Kulvatunyou, Boonserm (Fed) <boonserm.kulvatunyou@nist.gov>


Dear All,

This Fri Feb 2, Ana Coria and her collaborators from ATB and EPFL will present their work on PSS Ontology (PSS = Product-Service System) .The PoC ontology terms that Ana submitted some weeks ago for the PoC were actually a part of the PSS Ontology where there is a more complete set of terms and a connection to the BFO. By presenting the PSS ontology, its use in her projects, and the methodology how they worked for its development, she think that IOF members will be able to follow the concepts her team proposed for the PoC and will be able to use the information to the further work of the group.

Best Regards, Serm

[Blue Jeans]<http://bluejeans.com/>

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[14:13] MikeBennett: Thanks

[14:13] MikeBennett: 1. Housekeeping (redux)

[14:13] MikeBennett: IAOA Website - Ken now has access and is able to rebuild it

[14:13] MikeBennett: The secure part for membership remains trickier.

[14:14] MikeBennett: What is the status of this SIG's pages?

[14:14] MikeBennett: The plan is that individuals will have permission to add content to the various parts. That will include SIGs?

[14:16] MikeBennett: Uses Wordpress and has a dashboard for that.

[14:16] MikeBennett: SWAO has a page / area

[14:18] MikeBennett: Questions:

[14:18] MikeBennett: Does it start with the out of date material that was there before or is it green field?

[14:19] MikeBennett: It is mainly green field but older pages won't be copied forward.

[14:19] MikeBennett: Can we help?

[14:19] MikeBennett: Yes, that would be great. Work is currently offline

[14:19] MikeBennett: Is there a template we can use o we can mail cop of Ken offline?

[14:20] MikeBennett: Since this uses Wordpress, you don't need to know very much to create content. Just the text.

[14:20] MikeBennett: How to deal with links remains a question.

[14:23] MikeBennett: WE can just send things to Ken as plain old HTML.

[14:24] MikeBennett: Tell Ken the title of the page and some idea of how ti is connected to other ages. then Ken can process it.

[14:33] MikeBennett: There is now an IAOA calendar and also the existing shared calendar between Semantic Shed and SWAO. We can simply export from that into the IAOA calendar which currently has nothing.

[14:35] AndreaWesterinen: The problem with these events is that folks like Todd and I cannot attend without funding.

[14:38] MikeBennett: Next meeting 5 March

[14:39] MikeBennett: Todd will send MB a reminder nearer the time.


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