SWAO:Conference Call 20180514

Number 54
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time May 14 2018 17:30 GMT
10:30 PDT/1:30pm EDT
6:30pm BST/7:30pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times. Moved this week for the May Bank Holiday in the UK.


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[13:36] MikeBennett: Housekeeping

[13:36] MikeBennett: Reviewing Ontology Summit Communique. Look at newer version.

[13:38] MikeBennett: The chat from 1 May has gone missing. Todd has found a copy of this.

[13:39] MikeBennett: IAOA site is up and running.

[13:39] MikeBennett: No legal issues outstanding following the IAOA move to CH.

[13:40] KenBaclawski: The new IAOA site is at https://iaoa.org

[13:41] MikeBennett: https://iaoa.orgiaoaSIG/iaoasig/SIGswao.php

[13:42] MikeBennett: SIG page is out of date, as linked from the site at www.iaoa.org

[13:42] MikeBennett: however, that is an out of date one. See IP address above.

[13:42] MikeBennett: The IP address v DNS mapping has not been switched over yet.

[13:43] MikeBennett: When will that happen?

[13:43] MikeBennett: Who will do that?

[13:43] MikeBennett: There is a meeting this week at which this action will be decided.

[13:46] MikeBennett: These are supposed to have the same content, albeit with a different layout.

[13:46] MikeBennett: Ken: there are actually 3 sites in play.

[13:46] MikeBennett: 1 from someone in Brazil

[13:46] MikeBennett: 1 at this IP address (stylistically similar to the Brazilian one)

[13:48] MikeBennett: These are currently different in that the old IAOA one leads with the IAOA Assembly 2018, while the one at the IP address leads with the FOIS information. So they are not the same, though neither is necessarily wrong.

[13:49] MikeBennett: There are no links to the SIGs page on the new one at the IP address.

[13:49] MikeBennett: Therefore we cant establish whether the link is out of date, as it is on the one currently at www.iaoa.org

[13:51] MikeBennett: We need to d 2o things:

[13:52] MikeBennett: 1. Let Ken and the others know that the link on the existing page, to the SWAO SIG, links to an out of date SWAO site, and

[13:53] MikeBennett: 2. decide in this group, whether we want to use and update the old page (for which we would need credentials) OR use the wiki based site that Ken has been curating

[13:54] MikeBennett: Update:

[13:54] MikeBennett: 1. the link exists

[13:54] MikeBennett: 2. the page now links to the wiki, which is correct.

[13:54] MikeBennett: So no action is required.

[13:56] MikeBennett: The previous question (logging in to the other thing) is moot.

[13:56] MikeBennett: No further actions needed on the website for SWAO.

[13:58] MikeBennett: The SWAO landing page looks good also.

[13:58] MikeBennett: IAOA membership?

[13:59] MikeBennett: Ken will set up a Paypal link.

[13:59] MikeBennett: Payment is from whenever a person initiates the payment.

[13:59] MikeBennett: Membership used to run from January to December but will now last for 1 year after a person has paid.

[14:00] MikeBennett: Once the Paypal link is set up, we can email those people who has been wanting to join.

[14:00] MikeBennett: Members in good standing already have a login.

[14:02] MikeBennett: Setting up the Paypal thing will happen in the near future, but only after the change-over of the web page to the new web content onto the iaoa.org

[14:02] MikeBennett: Likely this week.

[14:03] MikeBennett: Ken will send an email to all the people on their list.

[14:03] MikeBennett: We can forward that link to others who have tried to join.

[14:03] MikeBennett: This will also be advertised on the Ontolog Forum and elsewhere.

[14:04] MikeBennett: In Europe it will also be possible do a wire transfer, as an alternative to PayPal.

[14:04] MikeBennett: Both choices will be given in the email, along with the third option of using a charge card.

[14:04] MikeBennett: Wire transfer only really viable in Europe due to costs.

[14:06] MikeBennett: The other 2 options will not be available until some time later. These take longer to set up. Ken will not wait for those to be set up before sending out the email about PayPal.

[14:07] MikeBennett: Meanwhile it is possible to edit the SWAO page on the main IAOA stuff as well. Anything you can edit with Wordpress can be done here.

[14:08] MikeBennett: Not everyone is set up to edit that page while others are set up as subscribers.

[14:08] MikeBennett: Mike Bennett is set up as an editor for this, along with some other.

[14:08] MikeBennett: There is also a calendar on that landing page.

[14:08] MikeBennett: At present this is blank or nearly so.

[14:09] MikeBennett: What this is from an IAOA calendar that Ken set up.

[14:09] MikeBennett: Ken would like to replace this with a more substantive, IAOA specific calendar.

[14:10] MikeBennett: Change of topic:

[14:10] MikeBennett: The Education Committee also has content they would like to see, that does not appear to be on the new site at present.

[14:10] MikeBennett: Maria from the EC will have to contact Ken to be given editing privileges on this.

[14:10] MikeBennett: Frank is also on the committee.

[14:11] MikeBennett: The Ed Ctee meets at 10am EDT tomorrow.

[14:11] MikeBennett: Todd to forward the link to Ken.

[14:12] MikeBennett: Back to calendar:

[14:15] MikeBennett: There is a separate calendar widget on the SWAO page specifically. Options:

[14:16] MikeBennett: 1. Use the general IAOA calendar on that page as well

[14:16] MikeBennett: Use or own SWAO calender

[14:16] MikeBennett: Use the shared calender with other groups.

[14:17] MikeBennett: We all prefer Option 1.

[14:18] MikeBennett: Given that, do we need to forward the shared calendar developed by the Semantic Shed, OFDG and SWAO SIG.

[14:22] MikeBennett: Here is the link to the shared calendar:

[14:22] MikeBennett: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FoxtZrshNOjpS1xK0ByHuTSP34WqEVNn4w6IyIOANaY/edit#gid=448047401

[14:22] MikeBennett: This is the one shared by the Semantic Shed and the Open Financial Data Group (and curated partly by SWAO previously).

[14:23] MikeBennett: MB to also email this to Ken

[14:24] ToddSchneider: Advertising related events would be useful for IAOA members. However, from a UI perspective attempting to list all related events would be bad 'form'. The IAOA calendar should focus on IAOA activities, but for those dates for which there are related events, a link could be added for a page listing such events.

[14:25] MikeBennett: FOIS Industry and Demonstrations track

[14:27] MikeBennett: Call for Papers for this has been delayed for unknown reasons. This is a single CfP for two kinds of submission.

[14:28] MikeBennett: On calendar possible to have more than one calendar:

[14:28] MikeBennett: one on the side bar for the IAOA specific events

[14:28] MikeBennett: A second one with all the events of interest, with a specific link to it from somewhere.

[14:31] MikeBennett: At present we will not do that.

[14:32] MikeBennett: We can review this at a later time but for now we will just point to the general IAOA Event.

[14:32] MikeBennett: From the shared spreadsheet that Mike posted above, Ken will extract only what's relevant to IAOA as per Todd's comment above.

[14:32] MikeBennett: Next Q:

[14:32] MikeBennett: Click on Forum

[14:33] MikeBennett: This brings up a description of the Ontolog Forum along with recent comments to that list.

[14:34] MikeBennett: Question: IAOA don't want this to be a top level tag since the Ontolog Forum is not a part of the IAOA.

[14:34] MikeBennett: So where should it go?

[14:35] MikeBennett: Todd: Have an IAOA specific Forum on this page, along with a link to a 2nd page that is what we are seeing here now.

[14:36] MikeBennett: The Ontolog Forum content goes back to the mail list switchover, Oct 2015. Todd has an archive of the older stuff.

[14:38] MikeBennett: A 2nd alternative is to change Publications to Resources, and include Publications and Ontolog Forum as thinks linked from that.

[14:39] MikeBennett: The notion of 'Publications' is often considered to be ore appropriate to an academic institution, so Resources is more universally useful.

[14:40] MikeBennett: Would like to see the IAOA publish some ontology publication guidelines

[14:41] MikeBennett: (that's Todd, who is working on such. Mike also working on a methodology for ontology development).

[14:43] MikeBennett: Todd: another event in July: IOF Technical Oversight board meeting, likely at Buffalo (exact dates tbc mid July).

[14:43] MikeBennett: Anyone can come.


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