SWAO:Conference Call 20180604

Number 55
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time June 4 2018 17:30 GMT
10:30 PDT/1:30pm EDT
6:30pm BST/7:30pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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[13:35] MikeBennett: Apologies: Brandon Whitehead

[13:37] MikeBennett: Logistics:

[13:37] MikeBennett: IAOA Site and membership arrangements

[13:37] MikeBennett: Possible to join to by paying your fee using PayPal.

[13:37] MikeBennett: But the website doesn't way anything to that effect.

[13:37] MikeBennett: This is because the website is not officially released yet.

[13:38] MikeBennett: When the website comes up we will need to have a database for member information.

[13:38] MikeBennett: That will need to satisfy the EU rules for GDPR.

[13:38] MikeBennett: Still working on that.

[13:38] MikeBennett: Paypal works fine, but Ken paid a week ago using PayPal but it is not showing up.

[13:39] MikeBennett: Who is analyzing the GDPR requirements ?

[13:39] MikeBennett: Ken, Laura and Walter are working on this.

[13:40] MikeBennett: The complexity comes from the fact that the original database was from Italy, which required them to obtain and retain personal information, which was never used.

[13:45] ToddSchneider: GDPR requires good auditable processes.

[The discussion about joining IAOA was temporarily omitted.]

[13:59] MikeBennett: Ken is running a conference on Situational Awareness.

[14:01] ToddSchneider: Ken, will the data solution (to the EU GDPR) be reviewed or vetted by another person or group?

Added by Ken Baclawski: Yes, IAOA has an Audit Committee.

[14:01] MikeBennett: What is the nature of the awaited update? New website or new material about PayPal?

[14:01] MikeBennett: This was the update to describe the way you can pay via PayPal. Ken awaiting authorization from the EC on this.

[14:03] MikeBennett: What Ken does not have authorization for is the button for people to push to be able to pay via a credit card via PayPal.

[14:03] MikeBennett: He also does not currently have authorization for the information divulged in today's call.

[14:04] MikeBennett: This will be removed from this chat transcript.

[14:05] MikeBennett: Note that membership of the SWAO itself does not require IAOA membership

[14:08] MikeBennett: Membership fees are graded by country economic indicator.

[14:08] MikeBennett: People can optionally chose to communicate if they come from such a country.

[14:08] MikeBennett: If they are from another country or are a student etc. then they need to communicate this.

[14:09] MikeBennett: This information is to be communicated via the Paypal feature for adding further notes in the form of a memo. This is what should be used, no separate email communication is required.

[14:11] MikeBennett: What is Institutional Regular?

[14:11] MikeBennett: There are regular and I10 institutions.

[14:12] MikeBennett: If you are a regular member and you are considered as an institutional members, you have a reduced fee. Likewise for students.

[14:12] MikeBennett: for I10 institutions, 10 memberships are given for free.

[14:14] MikeBennett: For non I10 institutions there is not any free memberships, what happens is that the institution joins and the individuals pay the different (lesser) fee indicated.

[14:16] MikeBennett: SWAO SIG website

[14:16] MikeBennett: Still not there.

[14:16] MikeBennett: Separately: KB did not get permission from the EC to use the shared calendar with the Semantic Shed and others.

[14:17] MikeBennett: We can have a page with links to other calendars.

[14:19] MikeBennett: The link to the SWAP page still goes to an old link

[14:20] MikeBennett: What is the status of that?

[14:20] MikeBennett: We can log in and make changes

[14:20] MikeBennett: To the NEW SITE

[14:20] MikeBennett: www.iaoa.org is the 'Old Site' and is not changeable

[14:20] MikeBennett: The new site...

[14:21] KenBaclawski: New IAOA site:

[14:21] MikeBennett: The plan is that iaoa.org will point to the above IP address.

[14:22] MikeBennett: This will be decided by the Infrastructure Committee.

[14:22] MikeBennett: The change to the DNS record would be enacted by the Infrastructure Committee, at some unknown future point.

[14:23] MikeBennett: Also, the current website has the IP address hard coded into it. So that people did not link to the old site. So someone has to go through and replace all the hard links.

[14:23] MikeBennett: So this has to be coordinated with the DNS change.

[14:23] MikeBennett: Who will do that?

[14:23] MikeBennett: Ken

[14:23] MikeBennett: Parts of the site are secure and will be secure relative to iaoa.org not the IP address.

[14:25] MikeBennett: Events

[14:27] MikeBennett: CfP for Industry and Demo track

[14:27] MikeBennett: Can present remotely

[14:27] MikeBennett: MB mailing people who are doing interesting things.

[14:28] MikeBennett: KB working with folks at Oracle

[14:28] MikeBennett: May not have a paper ready in time for this.

[14:29] MikeBennett: Current deadline is 25 June but this will be flexible.

[14:29] MikeBennett: Papers would require travel, demonstrations will not (just registration).

[14:30] MikeBennett: Oracle proposal going through North Eastern university.

[14:31] ToddSchneider: I forwarded the CFP to the IOF mailing.

[14:31] MikeBennett: fantastic!

[14:31] MikeBennett: Includes machine learning.

[14:33] ToddSchneider: IOF = Industrial Ontologies Foundry

[14:33] MikeBennett: Should we also put the IaD CfP on the main IAOA list?

[14:33] MikeBennett: WikiCFP also worth posting on

[14:34] MikeBennett: http://www.wikicfp.com/cfp/

[14:34] MikeBennett: Ken conference next week: Situation Awareness.

[14:34] KenBaclawski: Conference next week is at http://cogsima.org

[14:35] MikeBennett: Other events?

[14:36] MikeBennett: AoB?


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