SWAO:Conference Call 20180806

Number 57
Duration 1 hour60 minute
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Date/Time August 6 2018 17:30 GMT
10:30 PDT/1:30pm EDT
6:30pm BST/7:30pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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[13:37] Mike Bennett: IAOA membership

[13:38] Mike Bennett: Previously Ken iterated a thing we could do without waiting for the web, but it also sounded that the proper fix was imminent so some of us never did that thing.

[13:38] Mike Bennett: KB is experience database issues so the thing is still not up.

[13:38] Mike Bennett: database design lacks semantics? Institution and regular members represented in the same (DB) Table.

[13:39] Mike Bennett: Whereas institutions have a representative in the same representative.

[13:39] Mike Bennett: Mb and the Semantic Shed crowd (and even FIBO) have a good ontology for this kind of thing.

[13:39] Mike Bennett: Names were mentioned.

[13:40] Mike Bennett: The semantics of the CB does not distinguish between parthood and membership.

[13:40] Mike Bennett: Also the interface is a bit insecure.

[13:40] Mike Bennett: So summary: not done yet. KB still removing vulnerabilities.

[13:40] Mike Bennett: Why not use a triple store and ontology?

[13:41] Mike Bennett: Reasons. Original designer not in a position to take this on.

[13:41] Mike Bennett: Meanwhile how to join?

[13:41] Mike Bennett: Use Paypal.

[13:41] Mike Bennett: The account name is...

[13:42] Mike Bennett: Previously ()when in Italy) there was a fee on the recipient so this method was not allowed.

[13:43] Mike Bennett: This may or may not still be the case.

[13:43] ToddSchneider: Here's a free triple store: http://parliament.semwebcentral.org/

[13:44] Mike Bennett: To use Paypal, please treasurer@iaoa.org - put that email address where it is asked for and it should go through.

[13:44] Mike Bennett: No need for recipient name and address details.

[13:45] Mike Bennett: What is the fee for one year?

[13:45] Mike Bennett: EUR 50.00

[13:46] Mike Bennett: This varies for countries with different development levels e.g. Yemen.

[13:46] Mike Bennett: The table of these countries is still on the website?

[13:48] Mike Bennett: Yes.

[13:48] Mike Bennett: Other agenda items?

[13:48] Mike Bennett: IOF meeting 2 weeks ago in Buffalo: Proposed next F2F would be held in Norway in Feb 2019.

[13:48] Mike Bennett: People here might be interested in attending.

[13:49] Mike Bennett: One of the ontologies needed to support the IOF is aspects of finance - may need to build upon FIBO concepts e.g. Contracts, POs etc.

[13:49] Mike Bennett: People have mentioned the use of FIBO but others have noted this is too complicated. Need someone who can pick out the pieces and yet be consistent with FIBO.

[13:49] Mike Bennett: Aiming for modular ontologies.

[13:53] Mike Bennett: MB: the Semantic Shed is working on just such an ontology, for business and commerce, based around REA.

[13:53] Mike Bennett: This work is based explicitly on a concept-centric (not Realist) ontological stance, unlike BFO.

[13:54] Mike Bennett: TS is writing the Technical Principles guide. Will circulate when more complete.

[13:56] Mike Bennett: MB clarifies that the concept-centric nature of the Shed and pre-FIBO work is incompatible with the BFO stance, even if the concepts may be mappable.

[13:56] Mike Bennett: We also use polyhierarchy.

[13:59] Mike Bennett: BFO forbids polyhierarchy only for one kind of class (asserted classes or something, versus define classes where it is allowed). FIBO/Shed etc. insists upon it, at the level of high level 'Archetypes'.

[13:59] Mike Bennett: BFO uses the notion of 'notion' as distinct from 'concept'.

[14:00] Mike Bennett: Most of those involved have only been indoctrinated.

[14:01] Mike Bennett: ... in BFO.

[14:01] Mike Bennett: IOF will support Common Logic (Gruninger and Katsumi).

[14:05] Mike Bennett: these are all issues to understand in model driven development and in financial matters.

[14:07] Mike Bennett: KB did a tutorial on ontologies in [something]. People wanted to see the philosophical aspects. KB includes the philosophical view of upper ontologies and then talk to the practical implications pf this.

[14:07] Mike Bennett: Next: Cape Town FOIS

[14:07] Mike Bennett: Meeting were curious as to whether SWAO will have SIG meeting there?

[14:07] Mike Bennett: who will be there?

[14:07] Mike Bennett: Mike Bennett

[14:07] Mike Bennett: no-one else in this group.

[14:08] Mike Bennett: We could meet remotely. Schedule a session and see who comes.

[14:08] Mike Bennett: Agenda for that meeting?

[14:08] Mike Bennett: 1. Going over what this SWAO is about, what we have done, what we plan to do, call for volunteers.

[14:09] Mike Bennett: 2. See 1.

[14:09] Mike Bennett: There are some SIGs that only meet at FOIS.

[14:09] Mike Bennett: Consensus: We will have such a meeting.

[14:10] Mike Bennett: Check with Frank Loebe as the main contact to talk about [this]

[14:10] Mike Bennett: where [this] = the logistics for such a call.

[14:10] Mike Bennett: This will take place Wed, Thur or Friday (Monday and Tuesday unavailable).

[14:11] Mike Bennett: Any other Agenda ideas please mail to Mike Bennett.

[14:11] Mike Bennett: Dates are Sept 17 - 21. so dates for the SIG would be 19 - 21.

[14:12] Mike Bennett: Time difference is 6 hours ahead of EDT.

[14:13] Mike Bennett: Not Friday.

[14:13] Mike Bennett: 9am EDT is possible.

[14:14] Mike Bennett: Discourage Friday. Wed or Thursday.

[14:15] Mike Bennett: Next agenda item: what do we want our next project or activit(ies) to be, or do we use the FOIS meeting to determine that.

[14:15] Mike Bennett: We will do that.

[14:16] Mike Bennett: Also discuss our attempt to hold a Workshop. Given that this did not happen.

[14:16] Mike Bennett: Agenda item for this FOIS meeting: Whether to propose a JOWO workshop next year?

[14:18] Mike Bennett: JOWO = Joint Ontology Workshops.

[14:18] Mike Bennett: This was joint between a number of workshops e.g. Onto.com that decided to come together.

[14:19] Mike Bennett: JOWO is also a kind of statue apparently. In a temple. Personally blessed by the Buddha.

[14:20] Mike Bennett: KB also references some of JFS's references to early ontologies in Buddhism and elsewhere. Also Lao Tze.

[14:23] Mike Bennett: This kind of framing and positioning (concept ontology etc.) forms a strong framing of what this SWAO SIG is about - make this a basis for the September meeting and presentations in Cape Town.

[14:25] Mike Bennett: AoB

[14:26] Mike Bennett: What should the next Ontology Summit topic be? (SWAO view as a contribution on this)

[14:26] Mike Bennett: Ontology Visualization and tools?

[14:26] Mike Bennett: Bringing in IOF and semantic technologies for Systems Engineering group into these activities (for Summit; also an idea for SWAO?)

[14:27] Mike Bennett: TS can send an email to Mike G who is also contributing to the IOF effort.

[14:27] Mike Bennett: Also some possible ideas coming out of OMG e.g. in concept ontology modeling and the like.

[14:27] Mike Bennett: Next Meeting:

[14:28] Mike Bennett: 10 September (3 Sept is US Labor Day)


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