SWAO:Conference Call 20181105

Number 60
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time November 5 2018 18:30 GMT
10:30 PST/1:30pm EST
6:30pm GMT/7:30pm CET
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.

  • Summer Time has ended in both the US and Europe


1. Housekeeping

  • SIG Website(s) and wiki

2. Events

  • Finance and ontology event in Summer 2019 (joint with others - how can SWAO help?)
  • Shared events calendar - next steps

3. Discussion of new initiatives

  • There is still seemingly a significant gulf between Applied Ontology and Semantic Web perceptions of ontology; how can this SIG work to bridge the gap, identify commonalities etc.?
  • IOF Liaison / actions
  • Definitions of ontology and related terms - see IAOA glossary
  • Blogging?
  • Networking - e.g. NE University contacts; CDO group in Boston; MITIQ; OMG Academic Liaison WG; Accounting (XBRL etc.) groups

4. AOB

5. Next Meeting


[13:38] MikeBennett: Actions from last time:

[13:38] MikeBennett: Events spreadsheet - not done yet (MB)

[13:38] MikeBennett: Ken's actions: Checked with North Eastern on use of space for the Summer event.

[13:39] MikeBennett: Expensive at USD $360 per day per room (discounted rate for non external, which they are counting us as).

[13:40] MikeBennett: What does the shape of the event look like (Michael Gruninger's event).

[13:40] MikeBennett: Counter-proposal is to have this co-located with JOWO.

[13:40] MikeBennett: These are to be held in Germany.

[13:41] MikeBennett: Has anyone spoken to Michael G about the Financial ontology event specifically.

[13:41] MikeBennett: This is based on feedback at the IAOA EC based on the rates cited for North Eastern.

[13:41] MikeBennett: At the JOWO event, the facilities would be free.

[13:43] MikeBennett: Other actions: try o contact folks in the Finance group at North Eastern. Done, got zero response. Not interested in ontologies or FIBO.

[13:43] MikeBennett: Ken got an email from the EDM Council about a FIBO group.

[13:44] MikeBennett: This would be the new FIBO User Group set up by Mike Atkin

[13:52] MikeBennett: Networking: new OMG academic liaison WG - worth connecting to?

[13:57] MikeBennett: MB to set up an intro email between Ken B and Claude Baudoin of the OMG Academic WG.

[14:02] MikeBennett: There is an IAOA group dealing with standards liaison. Seems to have faded away of late.

[14:03] MikeBennett: So if the OMG liaison seems fruitful one can take this to that WG?

[14:04] MikeBennett: This group has been more focused on how standards define terms (thereby, implicitly defining an ontology)

[14:05] MikeBennett: Conversely, a good ontology should be a standard for its domain.

[14:06] MikeBennett: This IAOA WG was intended to progress this idea.

[14:10] MikeBennett: IAOA Glossary

[14:10] MikeBennett: This is maintained by the Education Committee.

[14:11] MikeBennett: The EdC is looking for a new chair. Meeting this Wednesday (10am EST)

[14:11] MikeBennett: Do we have any actions on this?

[14:11] MikeBennett: Review the Wikipedia page on that. Make sure up to date and reasonable; send feedback.

[14:11] MikeBennett: Can also edit those pages.

[14:12] MikeBennett: Would Maria mind or should we tell her first?

[14:12] MikeBennett: TS: Look at the existing list of terms ad see if these are adequate.

[14:13] MikeBennett: Aim was to provide the most common definition definitions.

[14:13] MikeBennett: Also have citations for those definitions.

[14:13] MikeBennett: This set of pages is still being run at UCT in Cape Town.

[14:14] MikeBennett: KB may propose bringing this into the existing IAOA wiki structures.

[14:15] MikeBennett: The IAOA site is on Digital Ocean and is professionally managed as to server support.

[14:15] MikeBennett: KB may attend the EdC meeting and suggest this.

[14:20] ToddSchneider: "Deep Learning for Ontology Reasoning", Patrick Hohenecker, Thomas Lukasiewicz


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