SWAO:Conference Call 20200504

Number 78
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time May 4 2020 18:00 GMT
11:00 PDT/2:00pm EDT
7:00pm BST/8:00pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.


  • Status and updates
  • Housekeeping
  • AoB
  • Next Meeting



CogSima - last week of August, remote.

Fee probably of the order of $100.00

(early bird rate; if there is such a distinction)

No actions required today.


Ken doing a full quarterly backup of the Ontolog Forum repository, as well as incremental backups every night.


Nothing today.

Next meeting

1 June (not a holiday in US or UK).


  • KenBaclawski
  • MikeBennett

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