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Date/Time February 3 2020 19:00 GMT
11:00 PST/2:00pm EST
7:00pm GMT/8:00pm CST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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Status and Updates



MikeBennett: CogSima is coming up in May.

MikeBennett: KB considering whether to have a workshop on ontologies for situation management.

Ontology Summit

MikeBennett: Ontology Summit got off to a good start

MikeBennett: We even had one or two new people from a more tech / Semantic Tech background.

Discussion of the new AOIS group

MikeBennett: AW: Their mission statement is a lot like ours.

MikeBennett: The possible outcomes of the new group's work could include furthering the mission of this SIG.

MikeBennett: AW: Consider joining with that Committee.

MikeBennett: MB: Agree - a possible outcome of applied ontology v standards is that the standards (OWL, RFD, SPARQL etc.) tend to have been the focus of the Semantic Web in any case.


MikeBennett: AW: Propose we formally combine rather than simply disappear.


MikeBennett: KB will contact MG and convey the above.

MikeBennett: MB to get these notes up so KB has something to refer to.

MikeBennett: AW: The final para of their mission statement is almost directly our mission statement.

MikeBennett: MB: Would certainly want to focus on standards in e.g. finance that would make suitable business reference ontologies. There is still a need for that in e.g. Fiannce.

KenBaclawski: "Looking at the missions of SWAO and AOIS, it appears that they overlap enough that it might make sense to consider some relationship between them, possibly even a formal merger."

MikeBennett: AW: Make it more explicit that we would be looking to merge into AOIS not the other way around.

MikeBennett: AW: ' .. of SWAO into AOIS'

MikeBennett: KB proposes a joint meeting.

MikeBennett: All agree this would be good, to ensure we are all really on the same page/


AndreaW: Here is another ref to Knowledge Graphs ... https://www.zdnet.com/article/knowledge-graph-evolution-platforms-that-speak-your-language/?hss_channel=tw-224035128&=1

MikeBennett: KB: on standards - the new proposed SQL standard would include RDF capability.

MikeBennett: So this overlaps with SPARQL which was based on SQL originally. So it would effectively subsume SPARQL.

MikeBennett: Called SQL2020 (but don't Google that)

AndreaW: There is also a proposed RDF* standard that really improves reification.

AndreaW: https://www.stardog.com/blog/property-graphs-meet-stardog/

MikeBennett: MB: Thereby allowing for simpler operational ontology transformations out of 'relative things' in the conceptual ontology/

KenBaclawski: [shres transcripts from some slides]

Prospects for SQL 2020:  What is going to happen inWG 3 for SQL:2020?
WG 3 identified these areas of interest for the next version of the SQL standard:
Better support for Big Data applications.
Graph queries.
Approximate queries/aggregates and uncertain data.


Integration of statistical packages (i.e./e.g., R).
MapReduce support.
Streaming/continuous queries.
Support for blockchains.
BASE transactions.
Any participant can bring forward a proposal for any new functionality
What is going to happen inWG 3 for SQL:2020? (cont.)
At its most recent meeting in January 2017,WG 3 discussed graph databases and query languages:
Time is right for formal standards in this area
Existing work
Technology begins to gel
Market demand


WG 3 is interested in property graph technology
Would like to work with LDBC (Graph QL Task Force) to develop formal standards
At the June 2017 SC 32 Plenary, WG 3 will consider:
Applying for a project split for SQL/Graph
Applying for a new work item/give notice of a preliminary new work item for a Property Graph Query* Language
* Query does not necessarily mean read-only retrieval operations only, but can include general DML/DDL operations.

MikeBennett: the above from KB is from an early 2017 slide deck

MikeBennett: Is SPARQL a property graph query language?

MikeBennett: No - more specific to RDF.

MikeBennett: AW: See also StarDog writeup on GraphQL and mapping to other things. SPARQL more tied to RDF and OWL. A graph query language does not deal with the semantics.

KenBaclawski: The source is a slide deck whose title slide is:

Standardizing Graph Database Functionality

An Invitation to Collaborate

Jan Michels, Keith Hare, JimMelton

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32/WG 3 Members

February 9, 2017

MikeBennett: This is also relevant to the Summit.


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