SWAO:Conference Call 20190113

Number 74
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time January 13 2020 19:00 GMT
11:00 PST/2:00pm EST
7:00pm GMT/8:00pm CST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.


  • New members / membership (including mail list subscription)
  • Report from IAOA Executive Council
  • AoB

NOTE: This meeting page was not available at the time of the meeting itself.


MikeBennett: Agenda

MikeBennett: New members / membership

MikeBennett: Report from IAOA EC

MikeBennett: Where EC = Executive Council

MikeBennett: Membership

MikeBennett: 1 how to join the mail list

MikeBennett: There IS a link on the man home page, to the mail list

MikeBennett: - no further action on wiki editing.

MikeBennett: https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/SWAO:Home

MikeBennett: There is also:

MikeBennett: 1 a link to contact the chairs directly...

MikeBennett: - this list is out of date

MikeBennett: 2. A link to the IAOA membership:

KenBaclawski1: https://iaoa.org/index.php/join/

MikeBennett: Also given the hiaitus its hard for people to remember if they are members

MikeBennett: Action: Update this link (MB to do that)

MikeBennett: Also update the list of people in the 'Contact Us' link

MikeBennett: Whether to include Frank Loebe on that list - ask Frank.

MikeBennett: Put wht people's positions are on that.

MikeBennett: Remove Eli Abi-Lahoud - done

MikeBennett: THe other link takes you to the 'subscribe' page as required - no further action

MikeBennett: Note: it also claims to let all members see list of all member but it does not - you get an error for that: https://listserv.ovgu.de/mailman/roster/iaoa-swao

MikeBennett: No action (3rd party stuff.

MikeBennett: KB: We should have control over that membership list

MikeBennett: Where we =

MikeBennett: The chairs (Ken and Mike)

MikeBennett: Test: This requires a separate Administrative password to ccess list admin functions

MikeBennett: TS: The chairs should have access to that

MikeBennett: all agree

MikeBennett: actin: Mail Frank Loebe (assuming he is the list admin still) to ask thats KB and MB have Admin password / access to mail list admin

MikeBennett: Membership (2): how do we get more members

MikeBennett: Now we have a simple link we can send people

MikeBennett: 2 links: the SWAO SIG page in the new stable stru cture

MikeBennett: ans the mail list subscribe

MikeBennett: MB: We should aim to send out an email (to where?) with a link to the wiki and a link to the mail list subscription page directly.

MikeBennett: Who do we mail to that?

MikeBennett: Put one out on the mail IAOA list again.

MikeBennett: Put one out on Ontolog?

MikeBennett: Commercial ones e.g.. ISWC

MikeBennett: Most conferences won't give out the mail list.

MikeBennett: TS: We should mail and ask them if they can send out something on their list.

MikeBennett: Next ISWC is November is Greece.

MikeBennett: Who to mail with that

MikeBennett: Someone at MIT

MikeBennett: Lalana Kagal


Cambridge, USA

MikeBennett: Other events?

MikeBennett: Scope = events relating to our remit which is anythign in Semantic Web and / or Applied Ontology

MikeBennett: EDW

MikeBennett: Dataversity

MikeBennett: EDM Council.

MikeBennett: OMG (Ontology PSIG or OMG generally)

MikeBennett: VMBO

MikeBennett: BT: Is there is a group NIST

MikeBennett: Value Modeling and Business Ontology (VMBO) is where the REA folks hang out.

MikeBennett: Do as a press release or as a more informal email?

MikeBennett: ore informal email seems more appropriate.

MikeBennett: IOF

MikeBennett: TS can sen the email to them.

MikeBennett: ACtions - the various people who have linkss to those things above, to send the email to the.

MikeBennett: Ogther places:

MikeBennett: Semantic Arts

MikeBennett: Top Quadrant, Franz

MikeBennett: StarDog

MikeBennett: Cambridge Semantics (Marty Loughlin)

MikeBennett: agnos.io and / or The Knowledge Graph Foundation

MikeBennett: The email just needs to be whatever sounds right, plus description of the grou plus 2 links: 1. the wiki page 2 the Mail list subscripton list

MikeBennett: Not the agnos.io in Maimi by a group in London that MB knows

MikeBennett: 2. Report back from the IAOA EC

MikeBennett: KB: At last EC meeting the IAOA discussed moving away from the term SIG, as not very descrptive of these groups.

MikeBennett: Leaning toward 'Technical Committee' or possible 'Scientific Committee'

MikeBennett: The distinction was that e.g. the EC has a mandate to accomplish some specific task. A purpose (in their case, to produce the Glossary of terms in the field). The EC has other things it also covers courses and books, among other educational matters.

MikeBennett: The Ed Ctee is also responsible for making some meetings exist list FOIS

MikeBennett: The meetings thing is done by the Exec Ctee (EC) NOt the Edu Ctee (EC).

MikeBennett: THe poibt being, these groups have tasks to perform that are delegated from the Exec Ctee.

MikeBennett: SWAO does not have that characteristic - we are not performing a task delegated to us from the Exec Ctee.

ToddSchneider: From the charter "... promote communication, this SIG is event-focused."

MikeBennett: Since the Special Issue, we haven't been engaged in specific activity in relation to our stated mission.

MikeBennett: We are defined as having a mission (rather than a task or set of tasks).

MikeBennett: That is normal for SIGs

MikeBennett: MB we want to try and get people to join otherwise we are a group are not doing very much.

MikeBennett: TS: Conversely it is hard to get people to join if we do not have many things going on.

MikeBennett: What is the distinction that IAOA were trying to articulate?

MikeBennett: Are they saying we should be more like the Edu Ctee?

MikeBennett: No.

MikeBennett: The IAOA were asking if there should be a different kind of name for this group

MikeBennett: TS did they identify in those discussions what kind of distinction they intended.

MikeBennett: Ontologically, we have a group that is defined by having a mission statement, rather than being delegated with a task.

MikeBennett: If we do think there should be groups that are defined by a mission statement, then what you call it is a separate question.

MikeBennett: MB these are separate questions to the real ones:

MikeBennett: 1. Whether IAOA has bodies identified by their mission statement

MikeBennett: 2. Whether the one such that is SWAO, remains viable in terms of being able to pursue its stated goals

MikeBennett: TS: A idea: what if we have a remit to talk about how to implement something in applcations.

MikeBennett: That is the word Applied Ontology differs from the commonly understood notion of 'applied'.

MikeBennett: There is a new (not SIG) started by Michael Gruninger. Something closer to IOF in its remit. Relates to standards and industrial practice.

ToddSchneider: 'Applied Ontology in Industry and Standards'

ToddSchneider: The motivations for Applied Ontology (semantic integration, decision support, search) are daily challenges for industry. IAOA has recently proposed the creation of a new Special Interest Group called Applied Ontology in Industry and Standardization (AOIS). The mission of this new SIG is to promote the adoption of ontologies and ontological analysis within industry.

MikeBennett: MB: Let's give ourselves one cycle (3 months?) to deliver some kind of results, and then disband if not

MikeBennett: THe question is one about whether or not we continue, not whether it is called a SIG.

MikeBennett: Also whether we overlap with Gruninger's new group described above. AOIS.

MikeBennett: They are calling it a SIG at the moment, in the above.

MikeBennett: So let's not change the name from SIG

MikeBennett: BT: Also Committee is more organization, whereas a SIG is focused on content.

MikeBennett: BT: SIG matches people's expectations of what this group is.


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  • Ken Baclawski
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