SWAO:Conference Call 20191007

Number 71
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time October 7 2019 18:00 GMT
11:00 PDT/2:00pm EDT
7:00pm BST/8:00pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.


  • The new website for SWAO is now installed at https://wiki.iaoa.org/index.php/SWAO
    • Create accounts
    • Discussion of the style
    • Which pages should be transferred?
    • Any other issues
  • There will also be an issue tracker at https://trac.iaoa.org starting later this month
  • Matters arising / any other business


[14:25] MikeBennett: The current skin is called Bouquet.

[14:25] MikeBennett: This is listed among the skins in the SMW list of these.

[14:25] MikeBennett: Can tweak the colors.

[14:26] MikeBennett: Banner can of course be dropped in, as we see in SWAO.

[14:26] MikeBennett: or SWAO:

[14:26] MikeBennett: Lose the Red

[14:26] MikeBennett: Use gray background with the cubes, IAOA banner

[14:26] MikeBennett: Put the IAOA logo on the left (transparent Gif)

[14:27] MikeBennett: Then think of a branding (color, fonts, whether or not to have a graphic, whether or not to have a simple 4-letter thing like IAOA has).

[14:27] MikeBennett: We are ahead of Ed Ctee on this

[14:27] MikeBennett: Uses a plugin to SMW called SkinPerPage

[14:28] MikeBennett: SkinPerPage can be called (or not called) on each page. So you can have different look and feel for different thematic areas of a wiki structure.

[14:28] MikeBennett: MB would like to use this for Semantic Shed - just go to the list above and gt it from there.

[14:29] MikeBennett: We used to use a different skin for every Summit on Ontolog Forum. This was chosen programmatically rather than as a declaration in the wiki text.

[14:31] MikeBennett: Somehow, things like 71 are being interpreted simply as pages, not as properties as they were before.

[14:31] MikeBennett: KB to investigate.

[14:32] MikeBennett: Properties in SMW - presumably these are a predicate, with a range that is another wiki page. then the properties are recognized and used by the kinds of application that Ken runs on these pages.

[14:33] MikeBennett: We think this is correct. There is also another kind of page (mediaWiki calls it a Namespace Special)

[14:33] MikeBennett: One of the Special pages is Properties. This is where the Properties are defined.

[14:34] MikeBennett: Is it possible that this existed in the previous set-up and was not brought across yet?

[14:34] MikeBennett: This seems to be the case - so KB will now be able to get the properties defined - thereby fixing the issues we currently see with the queries.

[14:34] MikeBennett: Next

[14:35] MikeBennett: Accounts

[14:35] MikeBennett: This is for editing the stuff.

[14:36] MikeBennett: MB: I would like an account and would like as many others as possible also to have one, so we are not reliant on one person to set up the meetings.

[14:37] MikeBennett: MikeHypercube

[14:38] MikeBennett: Email: mbennett@hypercube.co.uk

[14:39] MikeBennett: [please scramble this in the posted minutes]

[14:40] MikeBennett: Todd:

[14:40] MikeBennett: TSCH

[14:42] MikeBennett: Transfer: within a month, in time for next SWAO meeting.

[14:43] MikeBennett: This will then be linked to from the IAOA website. Next month.

[14:43] MikeBennett: The name of the page e.g. swao-confcall71

[14:44] MikeBennett: TS: Having the date in there would be very helpful.

[14:44] MikeBennett: Do we even need the meeting number (sequence) e.g. 71, for the queries that we have? No.

[14:45] MikeBennett: So no.

[14:45] MikeBennett: Conference or Meeting?

[14:45] MikeBennett: Meeting is good.

[14:45] MikeBennett: That way we can have broader things called Conferences elsewhere without our having snapped up that word already.

[14:47] MikeBennett: Icomm uses the term Conference, this is an ontology for collaborative systems.

[14:47] MikeBennett: However we don't like it it uses the word conference for an individual call, which does not match our own internal working ontology here.

[14:48] MikeBennett: Integrated Collaboration Object Model.

[14:48] MikeBennett: This doesn't seem widely used.

[14:48] MikeBennett: It does not match our ontology of these concepts i.e. we think of these as meetings and will continue to do so.

[14:50] MikeBennett: Or they may have the same ontology but a different vocabulary. Not a problem. We call this single event a Meeting, which they call Conference, even if it is the same concepts. Indeed, that thing is an Object Model, not an ontology, and lacks ontological abstractions.

[14:51] MikeBennett: We should build our own ontology for this stuff. Using existing UO concepts for Event where these are well attested in the research community.

[14:51] MikeBennett: See e.g. IOF where there is an Event ontology that has problems.

[14:52] MikeBennett: IOF has a technical oversight board meeting. Sometimes covers meta-discussions and organizational considerations.

[14:53] MikeBennett: Are there good ontologies for situations and the like?

[14:53] MikeBennett: No Wgs working on those areas specifically yet. All have to be addressed at some point.

[14:53] MikeBennett: PSL scope doesn't include some of these management considerations.

[14:53] MikeBennett: KB developed a Situation Awareness ontology.

[14:54] MikeBennett: Based on OODA Loops. Was the most cited paper in that journal

[14:54] MikeBennett: Went on to do the decision making ontology based on the OODA loop, after that.

[14:55] MikeBennett: OODA was developed by a jet pilot and KB went on to make it into a formal ontology.

[14:55] MikeBennett: Should also look at PSL.

[14:55] MikeBennett: This also relates to CNC Computer Numerical Control), which has implications for decisions as well, so OODA Loop and situational awareness is there.

[14:56] MikeBennett: PSL is available from ISO at a cost.

[14:57] MikeBennett: MB: Will check if this is also available as an OMG spec, which would not have cost.

[14:57] MikeBennett: 1st version (2001) is available on the NIST site but there are more recent versions.

[14:58] MikeBennett: there is also a conference, CogSIMA on situational awareness. KB chaired this last year. Look at situational awareness from a human PoV. Also like to see this for machines. KB most recent paper deals with machine situational awareness. Looked at e.g. Bullwhip effect.

[15:00] MikeBennett: IOF - can join this - go to the web page, there is a place to Join. MB would like to join - will action this.



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