SWAO:Conference Call 20190805

Number 69
Duration 1 hour60 minute
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Date/Time Aug 5 2019 18:00 GMT
11:00 PDT/2:00pm EDT
7:00pm BST/8:00pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.


Discussion of the report on SWAO activities to be given to the IAOA EC in September.


The draft report is at:


MikeBennett: Report is intended to be 2x a year - will be renamed.

MikeBennett: We are also able to raise any issues in these reports.

MikeBennett: The existing reports are for Committees not SIGs, but we are following the same format.

MikeBennett: Change to periodic report.

MikeBennett: The current report covers more than just the last half year - semi-annual is how often it is (should be) published

MikeBennett: Going forward - do we do these after the 1st and 3rd quarters? The EC itself meets every other week so we are not constrained by that.

MikeBennett: This one will be presented in September (Q3)

MikeBennett: The report looks to be complete.

MikeBennett: Mission Statement: Whether to update this to include mention of Knowledge Graphs.

MikeBennett: These are still from the same Semantic Web / Semantic Technology community so there is no change of the communities being mentioned.

MikeBennett: Change one sentence to: The Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data and Knowledge Graph communities

MikeBennett: To be updated in the original Mission Statement page as well as in this report.

MikeBennett: SWAO has in fact been promoted from a SIG to a Scientific Committee.

MikeBennett: See https://iaoa.org/index.php/groups/scientific-committees/

MikeBennett: The updated Mission Statement (visible in 2 places) can be transcluded to the Report.

MikeBennett: Charter remains unchanged.

MikeBennett: Under Projects is listed a range of things we could be doing, e.g. developing common reusable semantic content. That kind of thing is covered by our participation in other events.

MikeBennett: What to put in the Events tag (delete the Call for Papers).

MikeBennett: Banner on our wiki pages still says Special Interest Group.

MikeBennett: change link to SIG Events, to Events.

MikeBennett: The Events page is just a single page for the earlier CfP which can be removed or archived.

MikeBennett: Start putting links to other bodies that we liaise with e.g. Semantic Shed

MikeBennett: https://www.semanticshed.org/

MikeBennett: For the Semantic Shed, once they have split out the landing page into separate pages, we can link directly to their Events page.

MikeBennett: Currently this is at:

MikeBennett: https://www.semanticshed.org/#events

MikeBennett: MB to notify KB when this change has been made.

MikeBennett: What other events?

MikeBennett: Events calendar we have been maintaining (including some financial etc.)

MikeBennett: This is translated into a Google Calendar at:

MikeBennett: https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=dThldmpxczJjbjdqa3ExcDZlY2w5MXJzcnNAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ

MikeBennett: Maybe we should highlight the main important ones (JOWO, maybe ER-2019) as the spreadsheet has a lot of other less significant things.

MikeBennett: Maybe add a column to the spreadsheet for things that will be of interest to IAOA / SWAO?

MikeBennett: (we did send IAOA the spreadsheet a while back)

MikeBennett: The details such as dates etc. are more for our own internal information. This means that the document we are reviewing today is not the final report in the state it will be submitted to the EC.

MikeBennett: We have 1 more of this meeting ahead of EC?

MikeBennett: No - we won't meet Sept 2 as this is US Labor Day. However the EC will meet on Sept 2.

MikeBennett: Our meeting will be 9 Sept as we will not meet on Labor Day.

MikeBennett: so we can present the final report to the EC on Sept 16.

MikeBennett: To finalize the report we can remove the reference to 05/2017 as being when activity seemed to stop on the blog, and say this is ongoing

MikeBennett: However, there is no content there at all. Where is the material from 2014 to 2017?

MikeBennett: Initially we started a blog on Wordpress or similar with some detailed discussion points. This was never carried across to the current blog site.

MikeBennett: There is one older entry describing the purpose of the blog. This is the last edit, from 01 May 2017.

MikeBennett: The current blog requires a learning curve as it is an extension to the wiki not a dedicated blog page. To date no-one has found the time to contribute to this.

MikeBennett: There is a separate wiki page describing how to create a blog.

MikeBennett: put something like 'we have made a start to a blog but it is not yet in use'

MikeBennett: This same blog arrangement was also tried for the Ontolog Forum, to move some traffic off the mail list but this has not happened - people are finding it easier to simply respond to an email.

MikeBennett: We would have liked to put some semantic markup on this material but this would require some curation.

MikeBennett: In these calls we also helped a lot with the creation of the new IAOA material.

MikeBennett: We could put something about that in the Report. KB found this group's input very helpful.

MikeBennett: Report edited accordingly

MikeBennett: Education: was also some cross fertilization between this group and the Education committee. This is reflected in the bullet about SWAO has contributed to the development of an online introduction to ontologies that is being developed by the IAOA Education Committee

KenBaclawski: SWAO:Report_201909

MikeBennett: Note the wiki page containing the updated report is not the original one because of the change of name from Annual to Semi-annual and accompanying tweaks.

MikeBennett: This is now final.

MikeBennett: We decided not to mention the work we did on the blog since this has not been active.

MikeBennett: This could therefore go to the EC for 2 Sept.

MikeBennett: We will also announce this on the SWAO mailing list in case people feel we missed something or e.g. feel we should mention the blog after all.


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