SWAO:Conference Call 20190603

Number 67
Duration 1 hour60 minute
3,600 second
0.0417 day
Date/Time June 3 2019 18:00 GMT
11:00 PDT/2:00pm EDT
7:00pm BST/8:00pm CEST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times. The meeting this month is an exception.


1. Housekeeping

2. Events

  • Financial Ontology Workshop in Summer 2019
  • Shared events calendar - 2019 events

3. Discussion of new initiatives

  • NEW SWAO Resource on TLO and Ontological Commitment considerations (see January and March proceedings)
  • Bridging the gap between AO and SemWeb
  • Definitions of ontology and related terms - IAOA glossary
  • Blogging
  • Networking
  • Liaison with other bodies (IOF etc.)

4. AOB

  • Do we still need this group?

5. Next Meeting


MikeBennett: We are seeing the term Knowledge Graphs in place of Semantic Web.

MikeBennett: This only talks to a sub-set of what ontology is about.

MikeBennett: But the SW in SWAO would really be KGAO?

MikeBennett: But is there more we can do that could be done? If so, do we change our name or drop this thing.

MikeBennett: MB has done the 2019 spreadsheet that we planned to have shared with SWAO and IAOA. It is a super-set of what IAOA has.

MikeBennett: There were not really any finance industry things in this year's spreadsheet.

Ken Baclawski: If you ask for "Knowledge Graph" in Wikipedia, it redirects to "Ontology (information science)" so it appears that "knowledge graph" is synonymous with "ontology" at least to some people.

MikeBennett: If the IAOA creates a new SIG for Industry, we should merge this SWAO with that.

MikeBennett: In fact KG embraces a broader range of things e.g. property graphs. RDF graphs are a kind of this.

MikeBennett: Should any of be updating the Wikipedia article.

MikeBennett: KB is an editor. So possibly is MB.

MikeBennett: So we could.

MikeBennett: Suggestion: Update the above wiki page to reflect that knowledge Graphs are not simply synonymous with 'ontology' in any one sense, including the SemWeb sense.

MikeBennett: There are also criticisms of the 'Semantic Web' page. 'Skeptical reactions'. By someone.

MikeBennett: OWL was developed as an application language for Semantic Web, rather than for ontology modeling more broadly, even though MB and others have tried to use it for that.

MikeBennett: You can use OWL for real world truth-makers but this is not often done since OWL is more about the data. Lack of sufficient formal distinctions between these concerns.

MikeBennett: So the the question...

MikeBennett: Do we still need to meet to talk about these things?

MikeBennett: 2 questions:

MikeBennett: 1. Whether the group continues to exist?

MikeBennett: 2. Whether we meet once a month to have these kind of conversations

MikeBennett: KB: Can no logner exist but still meet once a month (as what?)

MikeBennett: MB: Can continue to exist but not meet once a month (carry on with wiki posts etc.)

MikeBennett: KB: For example we can talk about edits to make on wikipedia pages.

MikeBennett: KB would prefer to have people to review suggested wiki edits.

MikeBennett: Middle ground: meet when there is an agenda item to cover e.g. for wiki edits.

MikeBennett: Proposal: Meet once a month anyway, chat briefly if there is no specific agenda item to cover that week.

MikeBennett: MB to shorten the Agenda text on the SWAO wiki to flag up whatever we would talk about.

MikeBennett: We remain the only active IAOA SIG, though Education SIG may restart soon.

MikeBennett: Noise on Ontolog Forum re Maria Keet's book. Seems to be some strong views on there.

MikeBennett: So we can also monitor active controversies on the Ontolog Forum.

MikeBennett: Finance Workshop

MikeBennett: Assumed this was to be a JOWO workshop, once it was decided not to have it at North Eastern. Not seen on the JOWO line-up.

MikeBennett: It was decided this would be in Graz. Nothing heard since then - KB no longer involved.

MikeBennett: Ping MG on this see if it is still happening.


  • Ken Baclawski
  • Todd Schneider
  • Mike Bennett


  • Andrea Westerinen

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