SWAO:Conference Call 20200302

Number 76
Duration 1 hour60 minute
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Date/Time March 2 2020 19:00 GMT
11:00 PST/2:00pm EST
7:00pm GMT/8:00pm CST
Convener Mike Bennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG

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Any other agenda items?

KB: Yes: Workshop at CogSima

Workshop at CogSima

KB: Decided to change the emphasis of the workshop so it is focused on interoperability, nothing about ontologies in the call for position papers.

This call is for position papers for interoperability on situation management and decision making.

CogSima is at Victoria, BC. See cogsima.org

TS: Are you saying that semantics is not critical for situation theory?

KB It is, but the aim of the workshop is to cover interoperability in this context.

KB: The call is not posted yet.

Submission date for Ken's workshop?

ToddSchneider: See https://cogsima.org/index.php/ieee-cogsima-2020/

Workshop papers need to be Jan 01 but these are Position papers so that's not applicable.

The earlier date for things that will be published in the proceedings.

CogSima Costs

Non-Member CAD 1284.00 CAD 1540.80

The 1st figure is for early registration (March 6)

Anything else on this?

Workshop committee

KB does not have a Workshop committee - any volunteers?

TS: Yes.

MB: I know nothing of these things. However I could easily wax lyrical about the use of upper ontologies for complex concepts of the sort needed in situation awareness.

MB: Happy to be involved in the Workshop committee if you think this would be useful.


TS: Scoping - how much interoperability of semantics do you need; what is the scope for which you need interoperability?

TS: There is also a SCOPE model out there. Can supply a link. There are 100 separate dimensions plus an unbounded umber of dimensions in a given domain.

ToddSchneider: Clarification: The SCOPE model has about 100 (default) dimensions. SCOPE is the name of the model.

NCOIC (who originally owned the SCOPE model) is now dissolved. TS is one of the principals in this thing.

Workshop Proposal

KB: Any proposed alterations to the Workshop Proposal (drafts circulated by email) would be welcome. Needed by tomorrow.

This is for what would be posted as a page on the CogSima site - not the proposal itself to CogSima - this has already been accepted. I scheduled for Monday May 4 in the program.

Duration: half day.

Workshop Questions

MB: is the existing framework for situational awareness (called?) available as a formal ontology e.g. in DL or OWL?

KB: Yes it is. 2 Sources: 1. situation theory (KB, some others); 2nd part is Decision making (OODA Loop).

MB: OODA Loop presumably requires higher orders of expression as it is a control feedback loop (LaPlace Transforms?). Presumably the pieces can be modeled declaratively (1st order logic) as well?

KenBaclawski: Decision Making Ontology (KIDS) is at http://bit.ly/2xZuTNJ

KenBaclawski: The Situation Theory Ontology is at https://ken.baclawski.com/STO.owl

Status and updates

MB: Presented some training on concept modeling for a client, distinct from the technology side. So that's a thing,


Next Meeting:

6 April. No major holidays (week before Easter)

ToddSchneider: Meeting ends @14:43 EST


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