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Courses Around the World

A map of the different ontology courses around the world can be found at here.

In the meantime, we are collecting information on the courses regarding scope, target audience, level (undergrad, honours, MSc, PhD, researchers) and whether there's some online material (where there could be a link to the Edu:Educational Material page where it is described).

Each course has its own page, and all courses are classified using the Course category and subcategories. The following is the list of all courses:

Designing and Building Business Ontologies (Semantic Arts), GMS 6805 Introduction to Applied Ontology (University of Florida), Geospatial Ontologies and Semantics (Dalia Varanka), INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL ON WEB SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Interdisciplinary School on Applied Ontology (IAOA), Just Enough Ontology (Paola Di Maio), Knowledge Engineering (Mara Abel), Ontological Engineering (Barry Smith), Ontology Engineering (Maria Keet), Ontology-Driven Conceptual Modeling (Giancarlo Guizzardi), PHI 598 Ontological Engineering (Barry Smith), The Protege Short Course (Stanford)