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This website is devoted to terms and their definitions used in applied ontology. It is intended to provide guidance on the meanings and uses of terms, which may vary greatly due to the multi-disciplinary character of the field. The terms are listed in alphabetical order.

Please be aware that the development of the term list is an ongoing and continuing project. As of June 2017, the term list is in an initial, preliminary stage, where first terms and, for some of them, first definitions have been gathered. Use the discussion tab on this page (or any other page in the wiki) for any discussion about the content on the page.

We welcome contributions in any form. Please submit proposals of content to be included (terms, definitions, references) as well as any comments or criticism to, the list of the IAOA Education Committee. Better yet join the committee! ;-)

Terms for Central General Notions

Terms for Peripheral General Notions

Terms Naming Particular Entities

Particular ontologies

Particular ontology languages